Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Barbie Nudy Green Contact Lenses from UNIQSO

Okay here's my long overdue review of these pair of contacts I got from UNIQSO. After browsing through the catalog, I went and ordered a pair of Barbie Nudy Green lens. It is similar to the Geo Nudy seriesin terms of colour and design. Actually, I bought them for Temari (Naruto) cause I felt that the green would turn up more teal on dark eyes but they didn't arrive in time for a cosplay event. So in the end, I had to get a cheap replacement pair from Carousell instead.

Initially bought for Temari

Anyway, to save money, I decided to use these lens for Hayami (Assassination Classroom)  who also has green eyes. I knew that the colour wasn't accurate, hers were more of a lighter green but I have like 6 opened lens and 2 unopened ones, so I needed to save a little. haha.

Hayami Rinka



  • Diameter: 16.2mm
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Water Content: 38 %
  • 12 months disposable

I received the lens about 1-2 weeks later and here's what I received. Basically a cute packaging and a pretty lens case.

So here's how they turned out on my eyes.

After makeup, under room lighting.

As expected, the colour isn't a very vibrant green. The colour looks a little bit dull on dark eyes like mine. Under certain lighting conditions these may also show up black instead.  But I loved how the teal green colour does shows up when under natural lighting. The design is simple and looks natural on the eyes so it's still quite pretty to wear out.
w/o makeup, natural window light.

Nothing new here. Dueba is probably my favourite brand in terms of comfort. There's no stinging pain when putting them on or any feeling of it poking on the inside. I barely used any eyedrops throughout the day and sometimes I even wear it for more than 8 hours. At times, I don't feel like I'm even wearing any contacts. It's just that comfy. 

Like in my other reviews, I've mentioned that I find it hard to see the difference in terms of enlargement. This pair is 16.2mm in diameter which is quite big. My pupils are big in general. But if you look closely in the photos, there is a slight enlargement with and without lens. It really has that sparkle which I find brightens up my eyes. The black outer ring is not very thick though which is why it probably still looks natural despite the large diameter.

Outdoor lighting.


To be honest, these lenses are not vibrant enough for cosplaying Hayami. At least not on my dark eyes. I've seen people with green/blue/grey eyes look really good in these babies. The colour is more natural and soft which is suitable for everyday wear too. I'm probably gonna use these more for casual wear or for fashion shoots and events.

Here's a photo of me wearing them at a cosplay event recently.
Till next time! :)

Photo by: Rayon Photography

You can find more lenses on UNIQSO. Do take a look at their wigs and makeup products too! Right now, in celebration of their 4th anniversary, you can get a $2 of your purchase and 1 free lens case mirror (while stocks last) ! So hurry and check out their site today!

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