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Batam Trip - Visiting Daddy (Part 2)

Continuing on from my previous post, here's part 2 of my short family vacation in Batam.


It was really cold at night but I slept well and somehow ended up awake earlier like at 7am which is 6am Batam time. Yeah, it's an hour slower here. Watched some TV before deciding to snack on some tidbits and take a nice warm shower. Eventually, my parents woke up and we headed down for breakfast leaving my brother drooling in his sleep.

The breakfast spread was really simple but with variety. There was your typical upon request omelettes, various breads,cereals, drinks and of course rice plus some fried food too. There were a few typical Malay dishes to accommodate those who require a heavy breakfast before they left for work. I went with some toast, croissant, chicken porridge and Koko-crunch cereal too plus some orange juice. My tummy was satisfied.


Day 2 let's go!

After eating we started getting ready to head out for our movie. We went to the cinema to catch the latest installment of our all time favourite series, Fast and Furious 7. My family is a super big fan of the FF series. We've been following since the first movie and watched the different times. We even watched FF5 like 9 times already. It just never gets old. In case you guys are wondering, tickets are like only $3.50 SGD here and the quality is just as good if not better. The screen was huge and the movie quality was surprisingly good. The seats are way more comfy than SG. It's those giant red cushion sofa seats. Much better than what I was expecting. However, I suggest to bring your own food/ snacks- yes, it's allowed. You can see people camping outside with bags of food waiting to go in. Lol. We go tricked into buying some caramel popcorn from the cinema snack counter which costs $10! But at least they stated as good as Garret's popcorn.


$10 Caramel Popcorn. Luckily it tasted nice.
Omg, the movie was so awesome. The action scenes, the little bits of comedy and it really is good to have Letty back in the family. This series has yet to disappoint me. I teared up at the ending. That OST seriously hit me in the feels, it worked so well together with the flashbacks of the Fast & Furious movies thus far.

(T. T)

I'm excited for Fast & Furious 8 now, but I'm wondering how they're gonna continue w/o Brian. If they're gonna replace him with another actor, I'm out man. It just won't be the same no more. I'm hoping they'll go into the lines of shifting the focus to the other members.

Anyway, the cinema was at Nagoya Mall which is kinda like the Orchard Road in Singapore. You can find lots of branded goods here. However, since we aren't fans of branded goods we really didn't liked this place. Plus, the mall was stuffy as smoking is allowed inside and there were plenty of people there smoking. I'm not against smoking or anything (i mean my dad smokes too) but it was getting hard to breathe in there. Went to department store Matahari which was having major sales. This was where my brother finally bought his shoes. Normally sports brands had his size. Although he still couldn't get a nice pair of slip-on shoes in his size. The sneakers were good enough. He also bought some jeans and t shirts too. Couldn't stand the crowd and eventually looked for a place to eat. Outside of the mall there was J.CO donuts which are very popular among the locals according to our driver. Walked around the shops outside the mall while dad tried to look for some Malay kampong place to eat.  Saw some pretty awesome anime figurines. They probably weren't authentic but still nice to look at- I got my Naruto figurines here before. Haha. Luckily, I managed to resist the urge to buy the One Piece Vivi and Soul Eater Shinigami figurines.

Eventually, we went to eat at some random place. The restaurant was pretty empty and rundown. But I'm not one to judge a place so quickly. My family had rice with self picked dishes like chicken and egg while I had mee goreng. My food was surprisingly good and my dad wasn't complaining but my mum and bro were already giving that unsatisfied and sick feeling. The restaurant had a few stray cats which I thought was cute, until I saw one chase after a cockroach... In my mind, I was praying that I don't get a stomachache later. When we left, my mum and bro finally voiced out their complaints. Apparently, they not only saw a bunch of cockroaches but a rat as well. So they totally lost their appetites.Thank god I didn't see that rat or I wouldn't have been able to eat my plate clean. Lol.

Lepak session back at the hotel
Taste my foot brother!

Cabbed to Top 100 cause we too lazy to walk and went to buy some drinks and snacks. Back at the hotel room, I took out some facial masks I had brought over from Singapore so we ended up spending the night movie marathon-ing with our masks on. Haha. 

DAY 3 

My parents woke up for the breakfast buffet but I was too exhausted to head downstairs. Instead, I prepared a bubble bath and had a nice, long, warm, relaxing soak in the tub. Once we were done lazing around in the morning, we finally headed out to BSC mall. In my honest opinion, this is the best mall out of the others. The things sold were more Singapore style in terms of like clothes, accessories, toys and games etc. The arcade was huge and much more breathable too. The arcade also had a mini bumper cars play area which was really cool. There was a bowling alley next to the arcade too. This mall was mainly my shopping haven though. I bought the most stuff here. It kinda has a Singapore-Bugis feel. Price wise you can and should try to bargain as much as possible. 

Eventually, we got hungry and decided to have our lunch. There were quite a few decent restaurants, cafes and fast food. After checking out a few places, we settled down at Kangten Cafe. This restaurant/cafe serves a variety of food from Western to Asian delights. You choose your own seating area and a waiter will come and serve you. I have to say this is the best place I've eaten throughout the trip. And it'super cheap. Total we spent for food here was about SGD $35. Here's soem of the things we ordered.

Choco Milkshake, Strawberry Icecream drink with pearls and berry pops, Green Apple Juice

Curry Asam Pedas Fish

Twisty fries

Cereal Prawns

Cutlet Chicken.

Le parents! <3

After eating, we rounded the mall one last time before calling it a day and walked back to the hotel. Loot of the day. I bought a denim bandage skirt, a flowery skirt, black lace anime printed inspired dress and a cap. I especially love my $7 cap. There were so many designs it was so hard to choose just one.

Back at the Hotel, we started packing our stuff to head back to Singapore that night. Oh and omg, during this time, my boss actually contacted me asking ne to cover the AAA concert. Omg, you have no idea how shocked and sad I was. My parents said I could catch one of the early ferry ride home and still make it in time for the concert. But at times like this, you've got to know what's more important and that's family. My family don't travel a lot and even though the trip was pretty much over and we were packing up to leave, it just didn't feel right to ditch my family for some concert suddenly. So yeah, I stayed with them till the end.

My sad face cause it's time to leave.

We actually considered staying over one more night, but daddy says he doesn't wanna miss their usual bowling competition on Sundays. Really dad, I just gave up a concert for ya. Lol.

Anyway, after packing, we decided to take the last ferry home instead so that we could enjoy the trip a little longer. The last ferry was at 8.30pm (SG: 9.30pm). We went to Batam Centre to eat dinner. And we ended up at Pizza Hut since we had been craving it since we arrived here. Haha.

Meat Lovers!

Eventually, we arrived back in Singapore at about 11plus and  justKO-ed. Even though the trip was short and we didn't travel out to the beach and the other areas like old times, it was still memorable. My dad says we can come over whenever now and apparently there's like $5 tickets for certain ferry dates and timings. So yeah, guess we'll be going over more often. Well, I know my mum is. She just went there for fun and said it was like the honeymoon they never had. Haha.

Well, that's it. Till the next family vacation. :)

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