Sunday, 14 June 2015

Batam Trip - Visiting Daddy (Part 1)

So I went Batam a while back, sometime in April, right before my examinations started. The main reason was that there was a long weekend due to the Good Friday holiday. Hence, we took the opportunity to visit my dad.

Just a little FYI, my dad got posted to work in the Batam division this year to help start some new project there. It was nothing new to my family as my dad was overseas a lot especially when we were younger. He was in Australia, Japan, Netherlands, US and so on. In fact, he was only permanently posted back to the Singapore branch when I was in secondary 3 or 4. My dad, however, often made trips back to SG on weekends whenever he can. Fortunately, he's only posted for a year there this time round.


At the ferry terminal

Anyway, my brother skipped his Japanese lesson just so we could go there on a Thursday afternoon. We haven't been to Batam in ages so we were very blur when we reached Harbourfront. We had trouble finding the counter to collect our tickets. Later, the ticket lady told us we had to rush in to the check in now but when we went there, the officer told us there was still 10 mins before the gate open. Lol.

Took the time to buy some GoGo hotdogs while my mum and bro went to change some cash. Eventually, we boarded the ferry and arrived at our destination. We were supposed to meet Daddy and the driver at the mall but we couldn't find them. We thought that maybe Daddy may have gotten off work late that day and decided to settle down at a small cafe for some milo and toast. Just as we were eating, Daddy came running towards us. He said he was on the way to the toilet when he spotted us sitting in the cafe. Apparently, there was a small misunderstanding and we were actually supposed to meet out at the car park instead. We then rushed down to the car park as daddy didn't want to keep the driver waiting.

Along the ride.
"Are we there yet? "
Hi daddy. hehe.
Selfie bomb by the bro. 

Our hotel, 89 Hotel.

Once in our private bus, me and my bro instantly lepak on the seats while my parents were making small talk. I took in the busy sights of the city as our ride slowly made it's way to the hotel my dad normally stays in. My dad's company covers the hotel room so our accommodation expenses were zero.

With le mummy.

mummy in lepak mode. lol.

Once our driver dropped us off at the hotel, I had a quick glance around. The buffet area looks luxurious and there were other amenities which include a spa, salon, karaoke,bar and a gym too. Spent some time in the hotel just lazingaround, taking in the view, doing some unpacking and watching tv. Ard 7.30pm, we finally decided  move our butts to get some dinner.

At Texas! and yes they have a playground inside. ^^

Walked to the nearby mall, TOP 100. Among all the other malls, this is the one with the lowest selling prices. You can get some really cheap stuff here.

My brother was ecstatic when he saw Texas Chicken at the entrance of the mall. So we went to there for diner. Unlike Singapore, each meal is usually served with rice which is to my brother's liking. The food was really good. Especially their tender chicken strips. We even ordered twice. Yum! Yum! The plates are ceramic though so be careful not to break one. >.<

We then went to the mart in the mall which was super huge.  It was divided into to giant sections - household and retail. We went to the retail side first and omg everything was bloody cheap. Neck massagers, hair accesories, makeup, colognes, clothes, shoes and all that were sold her. Lashes were like 10 pairs for $3. I might start buying my lashes here instead. Haha. Me and my mum bought denim jeans. And they are super good quality. They're really comfortable and strecbtable and they were many different designs. In the end I bought this washed blue one and a slightly more purplish blue jeans. Not only do they dot perfectly but are really affordable. It was only around $7-8 each!

My bro was looking for jeans too but apparently they don't have any good sales for males at the moment. 
Moving on to the household section, me and my dad went to check out electronics cause he wanted my opinion on cables and plugs while my bro followed my mum to look at curtains and cutlery. After browsing through the stuff, I came to realise that electronics are not very cheap here in Batam. Prices are similar to Sg some even higher. Daddy says its because Batam is still not very IT savvy yet. Met up with the others and somehow mummy ended up buying some japanese-inspired curtains. It was really funny how she tried to convince my dad to buy it.

"I can't make curtains anymore, I'm not so young and agile like I used to be. Singapore sell ready made curtains so expensive and our windows all so big... " LOL

Once we paid for our stuff we went to the basement to look at shoes. There were so many pretty sneakers. My bro wanted to buy a Vans one but no size. Tried so many but all no size. Turns out, the lady told us that Batam all small size and my bro foot size was over the range. In other words 40/41 was like the biggest size these shoes had. My bro's was 42. I told him he had a fat foot. Haha. Bought some random movies to watch  before heading back to the hotel.

And that's the end of Day 1 in Batam. Will post part 2 of my trip soon.

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