Friday, 29 May 2015

Status update

Hello and omg it's good to be back. My holidays started last week but I've been busy with some cosplay related things and other commitments. So here's a little sneak peak of what I've been doing recently.
First off, I went to collect my travel voucher ($2k worth!!!) for my Japan trip from the lovely people at Hada Labo SG. Thank you so much. I can't belive it, my trip to Japan is finally happening and at low costs. My flight is fully paid for and I will staying at my best friend's, Monika,  place in Japan. So my accommodation and flight are pretty much paid for. All I need to do now is save for my expenses there and I'm all set! Can't wait to go there in December this year. Woohoo~

Just collected my voucher and goodies from Hada Labo SG. 

Besides that, I've been working on some cosplay stuff. I'm cosing Hayami Rinka of Assassination Classroom this year and will be debuting with my AssClass team at Charaexpo Day 1. Being a sniper character, two handguns were needed. However, apparently you can't ship in toy guns into SG. T^T

Couldn't resist trying the uniform on. hehe.

Left with no choice, I decided to make them from scratch as buying the guns (even 2nd hand ones) are much too costly. I've made a cardboard model first to estimate the size and once I was satisfied, I started working with real materials like foam and clay. I'm making one that has a magazine slot which I feel would be more realistic.  If this somehow fails, I think I'm just gonna have to buy the toy desert eagles and modify them with spray paint plus stencilling the logo. Hmm... will see how it goes.

Other than the prop, I also trimmed and styled Hayami's troublesome wig. She has two pigtails and bangs with centre parting. The wig that i got from taobao looked good in the picture but in real life, the wig fibers were quite low quality- very stiff and harsh texture. It was actually pre-styled but the length of the pigatails were way too long and while the bangs seemed okay, the sides of the wig cap were somewhat exposed. In the end, I had to style it myself so I was pretty disappointed. I paid $20+ for it and I feel I could have gotten a much better quality one with that price. Anyway, I'm finally done with the styling. It's still a little stiff around the sides, so I'm going to need to curl and hairspray it down to my face.

Speaking my AssClass, me and two other members, Cherry who's cosing Hinata and Shizuko who's cosing Okuda had a first costest session at Cherry's place lately too.

Also, I went for my first cosplay shoot after exams too. Had a chance to shoot my Tsumugi with my K-on team. Her costume has been collecting dust since I last used it for AFA last year. Lol. It was nice meeting everyone and special thanks to the photographers for their time and guidance. 


Photo by: Edwin Lee

Finally, my most recent activity was that I went to sk for Belle's shoot. She was cosing Queen's Blade Airi. I didn't watch the series but I heard it's a nice anime if you look past the ecchi. Anyway, the day was filled with mostly enjoying the scenery, catching up with Pris who also came to sk and lots of twintail flipping. Haha.

Well that's it for now. It's been a pretty relaxing so far. My schedule is gonna be even more pack with all the events happening june onwards. I've been going out everyday lately. Totally in need of a rest day soon. Till next time! :)

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