Friday, 24 April 2015

Hiatus again

Sorry for the lack of updates. Once again I have many overdue stuff. This is mainly because the second half of my school semester is normally very packed and I have finals to prepare for in May. I will be flooding here with more posts once my exams are done on 13 May.  Will start to share my cosplay universe in this blog as I've been more active in the cosplay community and of course, expect the standard event coverage and reviews as well. Meanwhile, do check out my other posts or follow my instagram at @arinarafiyah as I will still be updating there. Till my finals over, look forward to more happenings and take care guys. :)

-Arina R.

P.S: I've also recently created a CureCos account. So do take it look if you haven't. Of course, you can always see my WorldCosplay account for more photos as well.

Cosplayers Community Site Cure

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