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J-obsession 2015: Farewell to Naruto

Pre-event day

I think I've mentioned a lil bit about this event before. Basically, it's a cosplay event including stage performances mostly showcasing the talents of our local J-music bands. Of course, like any event, there's bound to be special guest appearances. This event featured popular cosplayers, Rimuta & Mizuno. The biggest guest however was none other than the lovely Riefu known for singing the themes for Gundam Seed, Bleach and D.gray-man. J-obs is an annual 3-day event that takes place at the heart of The Cathay located at Dhoby Gaut. Due to other commitments, I was only able to attend Day 3 of the event. I've been keeping my cosplan a secret for this event only giving subtle hints that it was a character from Naruto, The Last movie version and well, a female kunoichi. I couldn't keep my mouth shut forever and eventually unveiled it on my social media accounts just a few day before.

It was none other than Temari of The Sand. Yes, Temari has been and always will be my favourite character in the Naruto universe. I love her beautiful spunky badass attitude. The Sand Siblings are just the best and I freaking ship SHIKATEMA so hard. I only decided to cos her specially for this event since it was Naruto themed, and it was only about a month or so before the event that I made this decision. Hence, I had a little lack of preparation. I ended up spending way more than expected due to delayed deliveries and a disappointingly made costume which I had commissioned. I had to borrow a prop and shoes from Yami (ty, you're my lifesaver babe :D), buy lousy spare lenses, and remake a part of my costume. I did it all only the day before. I was still sewing the costume late at night. I only costested her once so I was really afraid of screwing Temari up. In fact, I actually had second thoughts of attending the event at all.

But, after much thinking and talking out with my mum (who helped me with the sewing. thanks mummy!), I realised that I've put way too much effort in this chara and there was no way in hell am I backing out due to my low self esteem. Anyway, on to the event day.

J-obs Day 3

Woke up feeling all excited, and luckily it was one of my good makeup days. I haven't wore contact lens in a long, long while so it took me quite a while to put them in and ughhh, anyone else have problems with false lashes? I'm always having difficulty putting them on, never getting them right the first time. So yeah, naturally, I was late. Supposed to meet up with my Naruto team for lunch first but meh.

I did my makeup at home so I could save time preparing over there. Just had to change into my outfit and put on my wig. Also, just in case the others needed any help with their own makeup and wig too. Once we're done, we headed out to the main event grounds. We planned to watch The Last: Naruto the Movie which had just started showing in cinemas, together after the event and IN OUR COSTUMES. I know it sounds like a crazy but fun idea. haha. Me and Chiyo had no cash on us so went to find the ATM to withdraw but the only machine there was out of order. In the end, Luther helped paid for the movie tickets first. While the others went to buy the tickets, the rest of us ventured out to the outdoor area. Started goofing off with my fan and BOOM, a hoard of photogs appeared. I stood in position for about 10-15mins or so and a few people came and selfied with me. (Didn't realised my vest was crumpled though. >.< ' ) Oh and luckily some of my friends managed to find and approach me during the photo opp. Saved me the trouble of having to look for everyone, plus, my fan was really quite troublesome to carry around so I couldn't check or use my phone often. Like wow, the spam calls, texts and whatsapp messages from everyone when I finally did.

Photo by:  Kiseki Cosplay
| Sasori/ Zen | Tobirama/ Luther | Anbu/ Nessa | Ino/ Erin | Sakura/ Chiyo |
Hinata/ Riiyuki | Sasori/ Zane | Kakashi/ Bryan| Temari/ Me |
(Missing our Sasuke GB/ Shiny here)
Photo credits: Belle
| Sasuke GB/ Shiny | Sasori/ Zen |  Anbu/ Nessa | Ino/ Erin | Sakura/ Chiyo | Hinata/ Riiyuki |
Sasori/ Zane | Kakashi/ Bryan| Temari/ Me |
(Missing our Tobirama/ Luther here. )
//I just realised we dont have a proper full team pic. lol.
Photo credits: Belle

Anyway, thank you for approaching me Jaron, nice meeting you for the first time, also thanks to my kawaii Yui for taking selfie with me. Sorry I couldn't chat long. It was great seeing Belle and her friend Zhiqi again too. Was chatting halfway when Belle mentioned that my Naruto team was in the middle of a photo opp too. Ehhh what?! BOJIO! haha. Quickly joined them and had a bunch of mass shoots, calling in any other naruto cosplayers we see in the area to join us too. haha. Quite funny cause after awhile everyone was tired from posing and I can't remember who but someone actually called out for a break. Lol. The weather was quite hot out so we went back indoors to enjoy aircon and touch up makeup and what not. The others were planning to do a video but I forgot that Mirei was performing as Otsuu-chan on stage. Quickly went to see her performance and omg she's so good at dancing. Like totally had the idol feels. Good job! Wasn't able to record it down with my phone cause well, hugeass fan. After her performance, went to meet her off stage and took selfie. She's so pretty. Can't wait to cosplay Assassination Classroom together. She's gonna make a fine Bitch-sensei.

Moving on, I stayed on near the stage area, waiting for Riefu's performance because her voice is just oh so beautiful. I loved her anisongs especially the ending song she sang for D.gray-man, Anata ga Koko ni Iru Riyuu. Ahh... While waiting for her to come on stage, a random girl standing near me started waving at me. I smiled and said hi. But I think it was pretty obvious that I didn't actually know who she was until she introduced herself. haha. Turns out it was Shizuko-chan, another AssClass teammate. Talked to her a bit till Sup called me. Went to meet Sup who was with another fellow schoolmate but I don't remember his name. Opps. Wanted to bitch slap Sup cause he's not a Naruto fan. But I guess a lot of non-cosers here mostly came for Riefu and the J-music performances. Too bad I couldn't check out the bands, heard they were really good. Took out my phone to prepare to record her performance but I'm short and again, hugeass fan. Sup saw me struggling and helped me record instead. Thanks bro! For once you're useful. hehe.

Riefu finally came on stage and began doing sound checks. At this point, Tenco, my nakama, found me again and we chatted about AAA and SCANDAL's upcoming concert ad well as Naruto Stage. I'm giving AAA and SCANDAL a miss this time cause of exam. AAA's concert so rare and I just know I'm gonna get One Piece feels from it. Oh and I am dying to go SCANDAL concert, I wanna see Mami again, I wanna high-five all of them again and rock out to their awesome music in my VIP seats again. Why must clash with my exams. Why can't it be after May. why why why. (T.T)

Anyway, Riefu eventually performed. She started playing her keyboard and when I recognised the tune, omg, Life is like a boat~!! It's LIFE IS LIKE A BOAT! She sang this for Bleach's very first ending song. Uwahh the feels... I was already swaying to her singing. After that song, went to meet up with Benji who was cosplaying as Sabo. Nawww too bad I couldn't be your Koala for the day. Barely saw any OP cosplayers till I saw Benji who was with a Zoro and there was a Sanji too but he was kinda busy talking to others so couldn't approach for pic. Eventually left to find my Naruto team again after chatting a while.
With Benji as Sabo & Jeremy as Zoro

My Naruto team apparently were done filming the Kakashi video and were just chilling around. Joined them and sat down; oh gosh I felt like I've been standing all day. Oh wait, I did. ( -.-') Took some selfies with Kuro's camera and kinda wanted to play around with my fan but Nessa was like, " You sure you wanna open it? Once open, there's no going back!" Just yolo-ed and open it anyway. Then BOOM! Hello photogs~! Let round 2,3 & 4 of mass shoots begin. haha! Later some random dudes approached me saying they wanna take a shot of me blowing them away with my fan. I couldn't stop laughing while I was doing the shot though. Their expressions too epic. We also tried to follow the poses inspired from this awesome fanart of the Naruto girls by 7ae on deviantart. Check out her original work: The New #TeamLeaf by 7ae. We didn't have a Karui cosplayer but we had a Sasuke GB though. Really love the shots, even if our poses aren't accurate, it was close enough.

Photo by: Kiseki Cosplay

More photo opps later and I met other Temari cosplayers, a genin Temari from the Sasuke Retrieval Arc in Naruto and a Jonin Temari from Naruto Shippuuden. A lot of people assumed that I was cosing genin Temari too. Yes, guys, I admit there are similarities but there's quite a subtle difference too. Firstly, I'm cosing Naruto the Last version where Temari has only 2 spiky pigtails instead of the usual 4, also she no longer wears fishnets and instead, just 2 black gloves. Her skirt is also more conservative and purple. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly annoyed when people kept saying I'm cosing genin Temari. But I guess I can't blame them. She barely got any screen time in the movie. She appeared for like what? 5 seconds alongside her brothers? Lol.

Left: Daphne/ Temari (Naruto) | Centre: Me/ Temari (The Last) | Right: Yuna/ Temari  (Naruto Shippuden)
//Photo by: Black Disc Photography
See how similar the costume is?
Left: Daphne Loh as Temari (Genin) from Naruto | Right: Me as Temari from The Last
//Photo by: Tian Photography

Around evening, we finally went to watch the movie at the cinema, IN OUR COSTUMES. We were slighlty late, but thank god when we came in they just only showed the opening title. I think some people realised we were in costumes and got a bit of a shock. haha. It was a little uncomfortable to sit and watch in cos and I was quite exhausted already that I zoned out during certain parts of the movie. In the end, I just heck care and leaned against the seat, crushing the spikes of my wig. Meh, I'll just fix it again next time. On my right was Kuro and we were fangirling at certain scenes while on my left, Bryan was busy munching on popcorn, which I paid for btw. Well, I did say it was my treat.

The movie was more on NaruHina's romance, like how it developed and end up being married and all that. The storyline was just okay for me, a bit too predictable. But I still liked it cause I do ship NaruHina, and my darling Shikamaru was a main supporting character in this movie. Loved the scene where he got the puppets to beat themsleves up. Shika why you so awesome and cute?! Kyaaa~! Everyone was leaving when the movie was ending but I remember that there was an after credits thing. And omg, they showed snippets of the NaruHina wedding and the last part had Boruto and Himawari. GAHHH SO MUCH FEELS.

Took photos after the movie and a nice Naruto fan couple approached us for photos too. Such an awesome event day. First time I had so much fun at an event in a long while. I think it's mainly because my team is super awesome. Even now we're still close and talking about future plans together. I think we're kinda everyone's squad goals now. The group started out with just Chloe and me who happened to be cosing Naruto the Last. Then it expanded to Naruto the Last girls and now a team full of Naruto cosplayers. So excited to shoot the NaruHina wedding scene with everyone and of course, Naruto the Last girls shoot too.

Thanks again to my awesome Naruto team, old and new friends who took selfie with me and of course, the all the photogs that approached us for pic. Honto arigato! Our Naruto team will be back together again at CHARAEXPO DAY 2, 21 June, in case you guys missed us. Sorry for the long ass post. Till next time. <3

Farewell to Naruto :')

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