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Naris Up Cosmestics Plusone Asia Singapore Review

Just like Brigitte Cosmetics, Dasoda and PGT, Naris Up is also one of the brands under Plusone Asia Singapore. I first got to know of Naris when I came across their ACMEDICA range. I have combination skin so my T-zone gets oily while the other parts of my face are dry. If you have combination skin like me, you too must have face this problem of finding suitable products of skincare and cosmetics. Products under the Naris ACMEDICA range are much suited for Singapore's humid summery weather with it's generally high SPF, hydrating and oil control properties. It took me quite a while but I finally had the chance to try out some of their products.

Whitelist Whitening Makeup Base SPF50 PA++

I like how this evens out and brightens my pale skintone. The high SPF and medium coverage would also make it good to wear this out alone. The only problem would be that it might not suit those with tanned skin. I have a natural rosy beige tone but I already felt that the colour may be a bit too fair for me. Of course, you could always set it with a more natural toned powder as well.

Verdict: ✦✦✦✦

MODEREAL 24H Perfect Gel Liner

The packaging had a unique pocket diary kind of style. If you open it up, there a short tutorial on how to use the product. I've never been a fan of gel liner cause I have no confidence in holding a brush. But surprisingly, this turned out to be much simpler than I thought. It's much easier to tightline and even out the lines. I like how the strokes aren't too bold and looks more natural on the eyeline. I used this for a photoshoot I had recently and I can guarantee that it's definitely long lasting. My shoot was from noon till night and it barely smudged at all. No touch up was needed. I think I might just switch from eyeliner pens now. Haha.

Verdict: ✦✦✦✦✦

ACMEDICA Medicated Oil Control Powder (Natural) SPF40 PA++

First of all, this is the cutest little compact ever. It's about my palm size and consists of a small sponge and a mirror. Probably one of the most convenient powder for travel. As mentioned earlier, I have combination skin so my T-zone gets oily easily. I normally just wear BB cream to school and tend to skip powder foundation as it feels a bit heavy for school. Because of this, after merely a few short hours, my T-zone tends to get quite shiny. 

Combination Skin: T-zone is oily while the rest of areas are dry
The ACMEDICA powder however, had been a great help in controlling the oily shine on skin and helps to set the BB cream on my face. The tone is also just right for my skintone. I wouldn't recommend this for people with dry skin though as it might end up making the skin look even more flaky and wrinkled.
Verdict: ✦✦✦✦

I also did a closet test where I basically try the products at home. I used all the products here. The Whitelist Whitening Base served as my makeup base, then I set it with the Acmedica Medicated Oil Control Powder, and finish off with the Modereal Gel Liner to define my eyes. Took some selfies and omg, it turned out so well! No edits needed!

Coincidentally, I had a shoot recently, and so I used the products to test their lasting power outdoors. It surprisingly stayed on pretty well, with little or no smudging or caking. However, it was a beach/rain shoot, so a little smudging after going in the water was inevitable. Still the photos turned out great. Thanks again to the awesome photography crew, t-mac photography and Brandon's Tan photography for inviting me to shoot. Here are a few of my favourite shots that day.

So far, I'm quite liking the products from Naris Up Cosmetics and I'm kinda interested in trying their skincare range next. They can be found in various SASA, BHG and even the relatively new TOKYU HANDS stores. Do follow both Naris Up and Plusone Asia Singapore on Instagram as well as like them on their Facebook page for more updates and giveaways!

Naris Up Cosmetics
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Plusone Asia Singapore

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