Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cosplans 2015

Last year was such a great year as a cosplayer for me. I atteneded lots of events, had a few shoots and more importantly, got to know much more cosplayers now. For 2014, I cosplayed Marry from Kagerou Days/Mekakucity Actors, Koala of the Revolutionary from One Piece, Eruka Frog from Soul Eater and Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-on. This year, I'm not only adding new cosplans but I'm also hoping to redo and improve some old coses. Like all typical cosplayers, I too have a long list of characters that I want to do but with no talent in sewing and a tight budget, there's only so much one can do in a year. So after lots of revising and thinking, here are my most possible cosplays for 2015.


Hetalia is such a lovely cutesy chibi anime. Its so funny and lovable. I've been wanting to do Taiwan for a while now, since I just love traditional looking costumes. Hers is a beautiful qipao kind of dress. I've been told that her charcter suits me in terms of looks so I'm gonna give it a shot. Sadly, because of a recent unexpected cosplan that I'm doing for J-obsession in March, I have to give up one of my other cosplans this year. So this may be the cosplay that I have to put off till next year.


My cosplay friend, CaramelBelle, will be debuting her Robin (Alabasta version) from One Piece, and asked me to accompany her. Hence, I'll be taking this opportunity to improve on my One Piece coses, either Koala or my Law GenderBend. But there's a high chance I'm cosing Koala again cause she's my favourite female character in the series and I only cosed her once at AFA last year. I've been experimenting on different makeup styles for her; hoping to find a suitable one soon. Gonna remake my goggles and get a transponder snail commissioned if possible too.


Assasination Classrom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) often referred to as AssClass, is one of my favourite manga series and finally the anime has started airing this month. I've watch the 3 episodes and so far it's meeting my expectations. I wished the opening song was less hyper though - I mean, what's up with their continuous synchronized jumping and fist pumping in the air? Am I the only one who found that weird. Despite that, the animation is pretty nice and the characters really shine. There's some pretty awesome voice actors working on the show but let's not get started on the whole Nagisa is not a girl and should be voiced by a way-too-feminine voice thing. If you look past that, it's a great anime thus far.

Anyway, back to topic, I will be cosing Hayami Rinka, also known as the Best Marksmanship (Female) in the Assassination Classroom. She and Ryunosuke Chiba, are the top gunmens in the class. Chiba is more of a sniper while Hayami is a handgun person. I just love these two shooter combo. Their personalities are the serious cool type, making them the rare few students in the class that actually feel like assassins. This will be a group cosplay for AFA and we're planning to do a shoot earlier. I've been trying to round up the student assassins of Class E and currently, we have 6 people. But I especially want a Chiba as a partner! Do join my team if interested, just check out my thread on SGCafe.


This was the first plan that was confirmed for 2015. My nakamas from my AFA 2014 One Piece group also happened to like Fairy Tail. With all the hype from the event, we decided to cos together again for AFA 2015. I was already planning to do Mirajane (Grand Magic Games Arc Ver.) cause Mira is just so cool. I love how she's so sweet and charming yet her Satan Soul mode! OMG, much love for such badass-ness. My team managed to recruit more members and we have like 12 people now. Hopefully, we can get as many FT guild members as possible. Thinking of getting a few photographers and doing a mass shoot since ours is a big group. Join my team if you guys love Fairy Tail too! Thread on SGCafe as well.


The Hunter X Hunter anime ended sometime last year too. But no one really cared and there wasn't much talk about it which I totally don't get why. HXH NEEDS MORE LOVE AND SUPPORT GUYS! It's such a good series and the manga is still going on, but there is seriously such a lack of fans. Frankly speaking, I prefer it over Bleach which I have long dropped btw. Anyway, in HXH, the professional assassin family, the Zoldyck family are so awesome, the band brothers of five especially. Among them I'm a fan of Alluka. And yes, for your info, Alluka as well as Kalluto of the Phantom Troupe, are both MALE. Despite their feminine looks and dressing, they are guys. The Zoldyck Brothers are called BROTHERS for a reason.

So yes, I think I should be able to pull off Alluka quite well. I love his traditional priestess type of outfit and his headband with the smiley charms are too cute. Unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive costumes, the dark red boots itself  are so hard to find. But I have a few people that want to cosplay HXH together so hopefully this plan will proceed smoothly. I just need to work for more $$$$$.


Normally, I go on a cosplay hiatus for a period of 5 months in the first half of the year due to studies. I have coursework exam submissions in both January and March plus the super important Year 2 written exams in May. However, this year, J-obsession, a cosplay event which I don't usually attend, is having a Naruto special this year. Most likely in conjunction with the recent movie from the popular Naruto series; The Last : Naruto the Movie, which is set to be showing in Singapore on 15 March. I have been having major feels for Naruto ever since the manga ended last year. So this themed event just tempted me to go. Unfortunately, I have coursework exam due by 15 March as well, thus, I thought of just attending the event as a civilian. That was until, I saw a cosplay friend of mine costest a character from Naruto Shippuuden and I somehow ended up giving in to them feels. The next thing I knew, I had my costume commissioned, ordered the props and had a wig in mind.

Right now, I'm super pumped up for the event. I will not reveal this cosplan and will only share it the day before the event cause I kinda want to keep it a surprise. Been telling people to find me if they can at the event. Haha. Though a few of my friends have been asking for hints and I sort of blurted it out to some of my cosplays friends in excitement. Whoops!

A small hint though, I'll be doing a female character (I don't cross anyway) from The Last : Naruto the Movie. That's all I can say. Will be attending the event with two other female character from the movie as well. Hehe. Spot us then if you can.


P.S.: I'll post my AFA 2014 soon. Please be patient and sorry for the lack of updates.

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