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Beauty Transfromation II : Hair by Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio (Ngee Ann City)

So if you've read my other posts or seen my social media, you'd know that I recently went for a beauty transformation. Continuing from my other post, the Japanese makeover, courtesy of K-palette, also included a a hairstyle change done at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio. Shunji Matsuo, is basically this talented guy who brought japanese hairdressing to Singapore. The Shunji Matsuo group may do hair for fashion shows and popular celebrities like Radio DJs, Joakim and Sonia of 98.7FM but they do cater to everyday people like us too.  I was so excited for my appointment. I desperately needed a Shunji Matsuo haircut.

What is a Shunji Matsuo Haircut?

"We believe a hairstyle is what the stylist and customer design together. Our niche cutting technique is founded by Shunji Matsuo and Kazuhide Inoue, Director of renowned japan salon Fiber Zone and Zone and Section academy. Together, we create a perfect structured style that aligns with the skeletal structure of the face and the hair fiber. Therefore, the hairstyle will last longer, more resilient to changes and frames your face shape perfectly." - Shunji Matsuo

The Style
I actually held a small poll asking for people to recommend which of these 6 hairstyles suits me best. After tabulating the votes and taking in some advice from my close friends and family, I decided to go with no. 4. Other than receiving many comments saying that I really look like the model in the photo, I've actually been wanting to do center parting for a long time now but I've never really had the chance to do as I'm always too conscious of showing my forehead. I had bangs before this but it was too high maintenance for me (Had to constantly trim & straighten my bangs) so I ended up pushing them to the side most of the time. I dyed my hair 3 times over so the lower section of my hair was damaged. Previously, I went to other salons for treatment and the hairdresser will always recommend to chop off my long hair. But I'll just decline the offer since it took me 2-3 years for my hair to grow to that length (My hair reached past my waist) and it just felt like a waste.

Then, summer/fall season came and I find myself falling in love with medium length hair. I saw it on a few Japanese magazines and apparently it's quite the hair trend for the season. However, despite wanting a to do the no. 4 hairstyle, I couldn't go through with it after discussing with my stylist, Justin. He told me that while the choice of hairstyle really suits me, my fringe was currently too short to do a center parting and that I would have to let it grow out longer before I could do this style. I was kinda depressed about it at first but then, Justin suggested some nice ideas that would suit my face type (I have a big face and the edges of my face are more round) and would be easy for me to style as well maintain for school. He mentioned that the outcome will look like the photo below except that the length would be slightly below my collarbone to give the illusion of a longer neckline and instead of bangs, a side swept fringe would be better so that once it grows out, I can easily switch to a center part in future.

The Experience
Before anything else, my bushy unruly hair was in need of a hair wash. Alvina, one of the assistants came and did the washing for me. I had a 3-hour morning lecture in school before coming to my appointment so I was really tired already. The wash so good that I nearly fell asleep. I really like getting massaged on my scalp. It was oh so relaxing. Alvina is such a friendly person, thank god, cause I normally feel awkward and get bored in salons. Afterwhich, Justin started snipping away my hair. Bye bye long hair! So apparently, there's two cuts to be done, once when my hair is damp and the other cut after my hair is dry. My hair was looking so short already. I was kinda worried if the length will turn out okay. Then, while Justin had to attend to another customer, Alvina blow-dry my hair and straighten the curly parts of my hair. She gave me tips on how to dry and style my home. She even suggested that I could to get hair rollers from Daiso and just apply some heat on it with the hairdryer to give my hair more volume.

Done with the wash.
After the first cut.
Justin then did the last cut and added the final touches, spraying some hair mist onto my hair. My hair gets dry and frizzy easily so he suggested that I buy those small oil bottles from Daiso. (Yes, Daiso has everything. haha.) Also, I always thought putting some Argan oil  once everyday before I leave for school would be enough but according to Justin, I'm actually supposed to touch up my hair every now and then during the day, not just once! No wonder he recommended getting those bottles from Daiso since they're small, it'll be convenient to carry around in  my bag.

When my hair was finally done, I was already grinning from ear to ear. I love it so much. I look so much brighter which made me feel even more happier. I love the length, the bevel shape (instead of the traditional V-shape, it's a U shape!) at the back, and my hair just shines under the light. Check out the before and after!

The Stylist

The man behind my super kawaii hair, Justin Javier. As one of the directer stylist of the salon, you can really tell that he knows his stuff. Apparently, when it comes to Japanese hairstyles, there's a little rule that stylist follow for short hair. To length should be either below the collarbone or above the shoulders, nothing in between. He suggested a medium length cut below my collarbones to give the impression of a slimmer face and a longer neck. And this really works! My face looks so much smaller here. Hehehe.

Do look for Justin Javier if you're heading to Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio at Ngee Ann. The Shunji Matsuo group also have 5 other salons based right here in Singapore. To book an appointment, you can either call them up or just drop an email to Kai.

Thanks so much to stylists, Justin and Alvina for the wonderful hair experience. Thanks Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio for having me and once again a special thank you to K-palette Singapore for this awesome makeover.

Days later and my hair still looks so fabulous for the photoshoot. Not much styling or maintenance needed, just a simple blow and comb is all. I didn't dye my hair but I don't know why, everyone has been telling me that my hair colour is so much nicer now. I personally think so too. I remember telling Justin that my hair colour looked so pretty suddenly. It was probably due to the wash. Right now, I wanna wait for my fringe to grow out so that I can really do the No.4 hairstyle, with center parting, highlights, curls and all that.

I just love how my new hair.
Hair colour under flash
The ends of my hair are brighter in colour from my previous dyes,
giving that little ombre effect.
Selfie during photoshoot because why not?

Till my next time,

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