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Beauty Transformation I : Makeup featuring K-palette Products

After hearing so many good comments of K-palette, I finally got my hands on the K-palette 1 Day Magic Kit. Much raved about in local newspapers and beauty bloggers, this K-palette kit is really a magical wonder. It really shows the power of makeup. I've seen a ton of before and after makeover photos, and theirs is definitely one of the most drastic changes ever! I mean it in a good way of course. Check out this video below on the  "plastic surgery" transformation of a lady.

Apparently, this plastic surgery-like makeup is very trendy now in Japan and I find myself jumping on this bandwagon as well. It's actually quite similar to my cosplay makeup except I only need lesser items to achieve that same dolly look. Here's a look at the products of the 1 Day Magic Kit.

So one random night, I gave these products a try myself and here's how it turned out. Before anything else, I started off with my usual base makeup for a seemingly flawless complexion.

Once I'm done with my base, I used the 1 Day Magic 3D Palette to enhance my features. The palette consists of 2 blushers (1 pink & 1 peach tone), 1 highlighter and 1 bronzing shade. The bronzing and highlighter is the key element is making your face more defined especially focusing on the jawline and cheekbones area. If you're not sure how to contour, you can refer to the image below on where to apply the various shadows. There are many different ways to contour depending on your face type as well as the type of look you're going for.

Started out with a bare face. My eyebags and dark cirlces are really bad. :'(

Hooray to smaller-looking face!
Combining 4 natural colours in the face palette, contour and highlight your face any time of the day with its convenient and portable size! Not forgetting to take care of your face during application, beauty essences that are embedded within the long-lasting color palette includes; hyaluronic acid, water soluble collagen and shea butter.

RSP: $27.90

Face map

Verdict: ♡♡♡♡♡
This is the most convenient palette ever. I actually own two separate blushes of similar colour (one peach, one pink) as well a bronzer and highlighter. Normally, I leave out my bronzer and highlighter from my makeup pouch cause it's really bulky to carry around. Now, with the 3D palette, I can just slip this into my bag and easily touch up my makeup when I'm outside.

Creator of beautiful lines!

Achieve 3 times the thickness in a single stroke with K-Palette 1 Day Magic flat-tip eyeliner brush! Promising to moisturize your skin while encouraging eyelash growth during application, also experience the outstanding waterproof feature of this crowd-pleaser! A fast-drying formula that shuts out water, sweat and sebum, we’d say, flick it, draw it, LOVE it.

RSP: $22.90

Verdict: ♡♡♡
While the lasting power was good, I wasn't too big a fan of the brush tip. I felt that it wasn't as smooth to apply as I hoped. But, the tip is thinner so it's easier to draw the wing and define the eye line better and the overall outcome of using this liner was still pretty satisfying. 

Unveil the secret to thicker eyelashes and long-lasting curls!

With both fiber and volume mascara set in one, increase the volume of your eyelashes UP TO 10 times with the thick fiber brush! Equipped with an impressive curl-keep polymer, keep your eyelashes lifted in a graceful arc throughout the day! Shutting out water, perspiration and sebum effectively, let your eyes dazzle without the worry panda-like smudges around the eyes!

RSP: $27.90

Verdict: ♡♡♡♡♡
This is without a doubt my favourite when it comes to K-palette products. This mascara is really good in terms of lengthening and curling your lashes to give that doll-eye effect. Plus, it's super long-lasting, there's no need to touch up at all. This is perfect for people with short, thin and light lashes

False eyelash saver-No more falling lashes!

With its strong adhesiveness & waterproof feature, create long-lasting and natural-looking double eyelids in a matter of seconds! Doubling up as false eyelash glue, the adhesive formula has been designed to dry up quickly to counter smudge-prone lids. Plus, nourish your eyelids with the inclusion of hyaluronic acid, water soluble collagen and Chinese peony root extract in this formula!

RSP: $19.90

Personal Comment: I can't really comment on this or any eyeglue for that matter as I naturally have double eyelids so it doesn't really do me any good. However, I heard this totally helps in making your eyes bigger. While I do have double eyelids, I still tested this product out and does make my eyelid crease more defined.

And here's the overall look.

All in all, I believe that K-palette 1 Day Magic products will definitely be a popular and great choice to go for. This plastic surgery makeup is very appealing and it really works well in terms of adding definition to the face. Plus, it's waterproof which means it will throughout the day and also less touch-ups required. So I highly recommend this if you're looking to try out something new.

Take a look at my transformation. See the huge difference? HAHA. That's what I call the power of makeup!

*Will update more photos of the products here soon,

Note: Image credits to K-palette Singapore

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