Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Beauty Transformation! - A Japanese Makeover featuring K-palette, ShunjiMatsuo & JRunway

Ever since school started, I've been neglecting how I present myself a lot. I don't bother to do much with hair and normally end up clipping my fringe up or just tying my hair into a ponytail. This Summer season is really horrendous to me as well. The humidity and crazy weather (it's been hazy, raining and super sunny nowadays) is making my hair even more frizzy and unruly. I just didn't know what to do with it anymore. Plus, because of the warm weather, my makeup smudges easily so sometimes, I don't even wear makeup out cause it'll end up in a mess anyway. My dressing isn't any better either. My mum says I actually started looking more sloppy in my casual outfits to school. Top, jeans, sneakers and an outerwear for when I get cold in lectures. These were pretty much my go-to outfits for school. I didn't really notice how gloomy my outlook was until my mum helped me took a picture when we were out shopping one day. And gosh, in my head I was practically screaming, "What was I thinking? Leaving the house looking like that?!!"

My usual look.  :(
Recently, I had the opportunity to undergo a beauty transformation courtesy of K-palette. Lucky me! For the past two weeks, I went for a total Japanese makeover which included makeup, hair and outfit. It's been a while since I really had the chance to doll myself up. Well, here's what went on these past 2 weeks.

First off, I was given the K-palette 1 DAY MAGIC Series consisting of the 3D palette, eyeglue, eyeliner, and fiber mascara. to try out. I had planned to do a cosplay test and I thought that the new products might work for a cosplay makeup style too. So, I gave the plastic surgery makeup a try and boy, did I have fun with it.  I have to say, the fiber mascara is definitely is must have item. I can easily achieve thick long lashes without the need of any falsies. Check out my pretty doll eyes below. I haven't even put any contacts on yet. Imagine how much brighter my eyes will look with a nice pair of circle lens on.


I forgot how fun it was to doll up so I started goofing off and taking selfies. But isn't that what most girls do when they have makeup on? Haha. Take a look at the before and after effect.

From this,
To this!
Tried on with my blonde wig while I'm at it. Hehe.

Next up, I went to get my hair fixed at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio at Ngee Ann City. My appointment was straight after my 3 hour morning lecture so I was quite exhausted already when I went for my hair appointment. The environment at the salon was so just so serene (there was this nice japanese indie song playing). After discussing with my stylist, Justin, on what to do with my hair,  Alvina (one of the other stylists), washed my hair and gave a little massage which was oh so relaxing. I should go to salons just to wash my hair more often. Haha. Anyway, my hair turned out great. My long hair was becoming quite a burden. It felt so refreshing to chop off all those damaged ends. Justin did a great job with my hair. He cut so much of my hair but my hair still looks so thick and healthy. My hair feels much more bouncier and lighter.

This new style really gives me a more fresh look which is perfect for this summery season. I was told that a medium length has to be below my collarbones to contour my face and elongate my neck. And there really is a difference! Justin definitely knows his stuff.

Last but not least is of course, the outfit to complete this whole look. I spent about 2-3 hours trying on various outfit till we found the perfect one. JRunway has plenty of clothes that is totally my kind of taste. There's a some lolita, harajuku, and just cute tops and jeans too. Located at Plaza Singapura, this store actually sells not only clothes but shoes and accessories as well. I was totally spoilt for choice. There's a sale now and if you're a student, spend more than $50 and you'll get a free pair of shades! I have too many shades so I got a pair of geeky glasses instead.


In the end, I went with this pretty dark blue off-shoulder top and this white midi bandage skirt. The skirt is actually of a stretchable jeans material which is super duper comfy. This coordinate is mainly two basic pieces together but the texture of the top, the cutting of the skirt and the colour combination makes the outfit look so much more exclusive and feminine.

Finally, no makeover is complete without a photoshoot right. Enlisting the help of my besties, Estella and Indah cause I get seriously awkward, clueless and nervous in front of cameras. I will somehow run out of poses and I'll be all stress and it'll just show on my face so I'll end up looking ugly in photos. I haven't done a shoot for awhile now but thank god, my girls were there to guide me through some poses. Thanks babes!
Now then, I shall begin the photo spam. Haha.

Thanks for coming girls!

Well, that's it for my makeover. Don't I look more Japanese here? Feel like a kawaii doll. Love my hair, love the makeup and love the outfit. I'm definitely gonna make the effort to dress better and less sloppy for school. Special thanks to K-palette for this Japanese makeover as well as Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio and JRunway.  I was in need of a change and this was definitely a good one.

"Everyday is a fashion show and  the world is your runway"

I am in the midst of writing detailed individual posts on the 3 parts of my beauty transformation -Makeup, Hair & Coordinate. In these posts, I will be reviewing the various product and sharing the full process and experience of the makeover. Shall update this post with the links once I'm done.

Till next time,

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