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Review: Vassen Lollipop Pink lens from Pinky-

Hey guys. Here's the super overdue review of my lenses which I got from Pinky Pardise. I ordered the Vassen Cara Pink Anime lens aka Vassen Lollipop Pink lens. This is probably the most expensive I've ever paid for contacts. Almost hit $50 for this pair. I didn't order from my usual shop, Soultion-Lens, since that particular pair of lens was out of stock and I had to wait for a month if I pre-order. I couldn't wait as I need it for Cosfest XIII.

This year, I went as Marry Kozakura from Kagerou Project/ Mekakucity Actors. If you watched the show or the PVs, you would know that the main charcaters have an eye ability. When the ability is activated, the user's eyes will turn red. Marry's natural eye colour is of a pinkish colour. But I didn't want to wear some ugly pink lenses that wouldn't show up on my eyes. I wanted something pinkish red in colour. And this was the nicest pair by far. Plus, the small bits of yellow gave that dramatic effect which I like for cosplay. Pinky Paradise sold it at a slightly cheaper price but the thing that cost a lot was the shipping. The shipping is like USD$10!! But, I guess I can't complain much since  I needed the lenses on short notice.

Selfie with my camera.

Marry's natural eye colour

Marry's eye colour when her ability is activated

Vassen Cara Anime Pink / Vassen Lollipop Pink Lens

  • Diameter 14.5 mm
  • Water content 42%
  • Base curve 8.6 mm
  • 1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
  • Plano lenses w/o correction (0,0)

My contacts had arrived much earlier than expected. Delivery was surprisingly fast which was on the day right after I got the confirmation. And I only gotten the confirmation the day before. But then again, Pinky Paradise is based in Malaysia which is just next door to Singapore.

The package was the standard brown one, nothing special about. The bottles were wrapped in a red thick foam and I really love it when stores provide free gifts. This time, I got a free pink pig lens case as well as a hair valcro which is used to put your fringe/hair aside so that it doesn't get in the way when inserting lenses into your eyes. Its convenient for when you want to apply makeup too.

I'm not sure why the bottles are labelled Winky Pink but the lenses are definitely the same as the ones I ordered.

So after soaking my lenses overnight, these were how they turned out on my dark eyes.

Room Lighting

Colour: ★★★★★
I was quite excited about trying such a bold colour lens. I have to say I was quite worried that these would look really fake and unnatural. But I think these suited me well. I loved how the colour is red yet somewhat pink. The colour was not too red and not too light, it was just nice. Plus, the yellow bits in the lens gave that soft touch to balance the striking colour. Without a doubt, these lenses definitely show up in almost any kind of environment, bathroom lighting, outdoor lighting etc. However, I feel that you have be careful and choose the right makeup style as strong makeup like smokey eyes might end up looking really scary with this eye colour.

Window Lighting

Comfort: ★★★★★
As usual, I take a while for my eyes to adjust to the feel of the contacts. It's probably because I don't wear contacts out often, other than for events. These were super comfy though. Unlike most of my lenses, I didn't feel any need to remove the lenses; even after 8 hours! The water content is really good, my eyes didn't feel dry at all and I felt no need to use my eyedrops at all. Of course, it is advisable to not wear your lens for more than 8 hours, you don't want any bacteria to be trapped in your eyes after all.

Left: w/o lens, Right: with lens


Enlargement: ★★★★
As I've mentioned countless of times in my other reviews, my eyes, particularly my pupils, aren't that small to begin with, so the enlargement isn't noticeable. So I can't really say much about it. While these lenses do have a black limbal ring, I find that its not thick enough so it doesn't greatly emphasize the eyes. As seen in the previous photo, the lenses are only slightly bigger than my original pupil. Even so, it does give the impression of doll-like eyes. It's possibly due to the unique colour and large diameter which still does a good job brightening up my eyes.

With makeup, haven't changed into my wig and costume yet.

My Marry Selfie at the event.


For cosplaying, these lenses are just perfect for sweet characters like Marry. The colour is not too harsh or intimidating. However, if you're looking to cosplay characters with bloodlust and a deadly gaze like, Blood Lad's Staz or Akame Ga Kill's Akame, I feel that there are more bold lenses with a much prettier design out there. You' ll need to see if the lenses suit your character before buying this. Pushing that aside, these are definitely listed as my official lens for my Marry cosplay.

Do check out more contact lens designs at Pinky Paradise's page. They sell other accessories like contact lens solution and beauty products such as falsies and makeup as well. Right now, they're having a Back-to-School Promotion which you can save up to USD$8 off their new arrivals! Stay tuned to more offers by liking their Facebook page or simply follow them on instagram @pinkyparadisedotcom !

PinkyParadise 8th Anniversary Back-To-School New Circle Lenses Sale

Thanks for reading. More updates to come.

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