Thursday, 31 July 2014

Review: MISSHA Near SKIN Firming Peptide V-Shaping Mask

I'm quite insecure about my face shape. It's a little round and chubby on the edges of face. So I tend to be envious of people who have defined jawlines and a small face. Since plastic surgery is out of the question, this mask from Missha Singapore was my saviour to my insecurities. The Near SKIN Firming Peptide V-Shaping Mask is a great solution for people like me whose face swells up often from the lack of sleep. Just simply apply the mask evenly along your jawline. You can instantly feel the tug on your skin as the gel on the mask contains properties to firm up your skin. I used it on the eve of Hari Raya, and on the day itself, I noticed a slight lift around the chin and neck area. There was less sagging and my skin was much firmer along the jawline. I suddenly feel so much closer in achieving a V-shape contour. I'm definitely going to stock up on more of these!

For more details on MISSHA products, check out thier FB page at Missha Singapore.

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