Monday, 11 August 2014

Review: MISSHA M Super Black Brush Pen Liner

My hands are not very stable when it comes to putting on eyeliner. However, the M Super Black Brush Pen Liner from Missha Singapore really makes it easier. The brush tip allows me to draw really smooth yet precise strokes. And I have to say the colour really is 'Super Black'. It's much darker compared to other liners I have used, giving that very defined look to my eyes. It's also waterproof which is a must in a liner for me. I've been using this for Hari Raya as it's great for creating both simple, natural looking eyes as well as dramatic cat eyes. There's a dark brown version of this liner too!

There are so many ways to do your (i prefer liquid) liner that I think the false individual lashes should not be used as much as it is used now a days. Save your natural lashes from being damaged by the constant use of false lashes. Instead refine your eye lining techniques and watch the difference!

There's so many ways to draw your eyeliner. Each style gives a different look. I saw this image on Pinterest and I just had to share how amazing a single eyeliner pen can do. From an everyday makeup look to one for cosplay or halloween. Which is your favourite style?

For more details on MISSHA products, check out thier FB page at Missha Singapore.

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