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Future Cosplans

Hi there.. this post is dedicated to all the people that have been asking me what I'm going to cosplay or at least what I'm planning to do in future. Here's a little compilation of all my cosplans for the end of 2014 to probably 2016 cause well, costumes aren't exactly cheap and my money, sadly, doesn't grow on trees. If it did, I'll probably do a new character for every single event. But that's like every cosplayer's dream huh.

Anyway, I shall start off with a cosplay that I have confirmed and will be doing this year. It's none other than Soul Eater's Eruka Frog. I can say that Soul Eater is one of my favourite series despite the terribly rushed ending in the manga. I loved the characters, loved the fight scenes, and loved the story. Sure, it could have ended better, but at least, it ended properly, unlike some shounen manga *coughs Beelzebub *coughs. I decided on Eruka cause well, most of the characters don't suit me. Either they're showing too much skin or they have short hair. I really like Eruka's outfit and I think I can pull her off out of all the characters. She's kinda of a villian which is a first for me since I normally do main characters who are the good guys most of the time. So I managed to find a Soul Eater group and we're doing a group cos at AFA this December at Suntec. Woohoo! I'm so excited already; we currently have a Kid, Medusa, Maka and of course, me as Eruka. Do join us if your interested. We're still open to members. See our post at SGCAFE Forum here

Eruka Frog

The next cosplay that I will doing afterwards, sometime in 2015 would be Alluka Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter. I f you're following the 2011 anime, you'll know that it's currently on this arc whish revovles around Alluka, Killua's brother. Yes, this character is male eventhough  Killua oftens, jokingly, refers to him as his sister. But I can assure you all 5 of the Zoldyck brothers are male. Even the second youngest, Kalluto, looks female but is really 100% male. So yes, I'll be cosplaying a trap. HAHA. Hunter X Hunter is one of my favourite shounen anime and I've been dying to cos a character from the series. I'm still undecided if I wanna do Alluka's anime costume or the fanart version.

Alluka Zoldyck (Left: Anime, Right: Fanart)

Another cosplay that I'm hoping to do next year, is none other than the cute little prison warden, Liz T. Blood of Blood Lad. For this costume, I'm actually gonna try and attempt making on my own. I've always wanted to try making my own cos. Though, I've never really sewed before, my mum is really good at stuff like that. She sews the curtains, pillow covers and sometimes dresses from scratch. Hopefully, I can learn a thing or two from her. Hehe. There's lots of tutorial online on how to build armor so I think I can manage somehow. There's a lack of cosplays for this character so I definitely wanna showcase Liz as much as I can.

Liz T. Blood

In 2016, I think One Piece will still not end and it will continue being a hit like it has been for the last few years now. And d if you know me well, I'm a crazy crazy crazy One Piece fan. I have like lots of One Piece shirts, hoodie, hats, towel, buttons, bookmarks, postacrds, mug, plushies, keychains.... and the list goes on. Sadly, I don't have any figurines cause they're tremendously pricey. (One figurine is like $40+++!) But, I'll probably save up in buying the ship. Hehe. So, other than my Law GB, I haven't really done any proper cosplay for this series. I guess it's because I don't have much interest in cos-ing any of the female characters here. However, recently, in the manga, a cool female character showed up. That's right, it's the cool cat from the Revolutionary Army, Koala. Even though she has a short hair and I have a thing against cosplaying short hair characters, I just can't seem to pass this up. This expert in fishmen karate is just too awesome. Enough said. 


Besides that, just like any cosplayer, I have undecided cosplans as well. I was thinking of maybe doing Azami from Mekakucity Actors/KagePro because I love her outfit (Black and Red is such a nice combo of colours) and also I wanna try doing something different with makeup. In Azami case, she has these snake scales on her face since she is the Medusa afterall. I've done different types of makeup before, I even tried tattoos too but never scales. This might be an interesting character to cos in future.


Finally, the one charcater I've been wanting to cosplay for a while now but I haven't had the chance too. It's one of my all time favourite animes despite being an original production and it's in English! RWBY just has too many great charcters to cosplay. I personally feel almost every single character, main or supporting is an awesome character. I love the character design from the outfits,weapons, and abilities and mythical personas. That's right, if you didn't know, they're allusions of fairy tale or historical characters. There was even a group that was inspired by K-pop group, Big Bang. Examples include, Ruby who is based of Red Riding Hood, Lie Ren taking after chinese warrior Hua Mulan, Neptune inspired from BigBang's T.O.P. and Nora who is based of a Greek god.

Okay, I should stop here orI'end up ranting all about RWBY. Haha. Anyway, as I was saying, I love love love the charcters and the character I wanna to cos most is Blake Belladonna. She's based of Beauty and the Beast's Bella, but of course she's much more badass than that. She actually belongs to a breed called Faunus in the story which is basically a humanoid-race with animal like features. And her animal is a cat! OMG. I just have such a fetish for cats. I've been dying cos her but the problem is.... my figure. Blake tends to show off a bit of skin. But both her outfits in Season 1 and 2 are so cool. I need to lose more weight if I wanna cosplay her. Probably need to drop another 5kg so I'll be like 45kg. Most likely I'll do her 2nd outfit so I don't have to work out so much. If I did the 1st costume, I'm gonna need to tone my arms too. On the other hand, looking at all the other character's outfit, I feel like cosing them too! I especially love the new costumes in Season 2 which looks more like an undercover outfit as compared to Season's 1 more flashy clothes. 

RWBY Top: Season 2 Outfit, Bottom: Season 1 Outfit.

Once, I really lose the weight and the Blake, I probably want to do full RWBY group cosplay too. Just thinking about it is already pumping me up to lose the weight. I also came across this amazing design by KUMA of the RWBY team alternate outfits.Seriously, love them all especially Blake's design! I might just get the outfit commissioned one day. It will be so nice to cosplay this version as well.

Blake's outfit design by KUMA

Ruby's outfit design by KUMA

Yang's outfit design by KUMA

Weiss's outfit design by KUMA

Check out more of KUMA's beautiful works and designs HERE.
Well, that pretty much sums up all my cosplans for now. 
Looking forward to AFA now. 
If you want to try cosplaying or already are a cosplayer and are a big fan of Soul Eater, do join us!
We're still recruiting, we're open to newbies as well.
Oh and of course, we're searching for a photographer for a shoot before AFA too!
Go to our thread at SGCAFE here!!

Shall update on the fun that went down at ICDS 2014 soon.
Till next time, BYE BYE! ^^

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