Saturday, 12 July 2014

Cosfest XIII: The Final Fantasy

Went for Cosfest XIII The Final Fantasy event last Sunday.  Wanted to go on both days but last min I had product training with Missha so I couldn't go on Sat. Anyway, I was really excited as it was the debut for my Marry Kozakura cosplay from Mekakucity Actors Anime which is based off the Kagerou Project.

Even though its fasting month, I shall still endure it all. All for the sake of my cosplay hobby. Haven't cosplayed a proper character in awhile so I was really anticipating the day of event. Tried to wake up at 10am but failed so I only managed to get my makeup done at around 1pm and I haven't changed into my costume or wig yet. Ended up hurriedly packing everything into my bagpack to change at the event venue instead.

Done with makeup for now.

It was 26 dreadful MRT stops to Downtown East from my place. My brother and I seriously KO-ed in the train. I think I sat down until my butt cramped. Plus, it's uncomfortable but I can't really sleep on the train cause I'm wearing contacts. Always have this paranoid feeling that my contacts will roll in my eye socket if I sleep.  Haha.

Finally, when we reached, I quickly went to change. This time I felt super confident as I had a feeling I packed everything in.  I did butttttt!! I somehow forgot my wig cap! So annoyed at myself. My brother even commented that without fail, I'm always forgetting something when I cosplay at events. Sigh... I was practically screaming inside the toilet cubicle to myself. Luckily, I had a box of hair pins so I messily tried to clip everything up and stuff any stray hairs into my wig net. My brother help me adjust my wig to ensure that my hair wasn't visible or peeking out from anywhere. Thanks aniki!

Full cos

My eyes are actually reddish pink here. But I don't know why it doesn't show up on blogger but it clearly shows on other sites. hmm..

Had fun at the event even though I was SUPAAA late ( I reached at 4pm). I had missed the Cosplay competition but fortunately, I managed to catch celebrity cosplayers REIKA and Yugene Fay.There was also a game session on stage with Yugene Fay where selected fans in the crowd can come up to play. Saw a few old friends too and I caught up with Moika-chan & Elizabeth-chan too who were here with our school's anime & gaming club. I gave my brother a break from carrying my stuff and let him have some fun at the Phantasy Star Online game booth while I roamed around aimlessly in the hall just to take in the sight and watch some of the ani-song performances. Seriously enjoyed some of the performances. "Biggest Dreamer" from Digimon Adventure being one of my favourite. It just brings back so many childhood memories. At one point of time, my brother an I just sat near the stage to watch the performances. As usual, we also went to check the Drawing wall where deviant artists or just people who love to doodle would randomly express and show their artistic skills. A Coscard wall was also set up this year which I thought was a great idea that should be implemented in other events as well. It's a good way for both cosplayers and photographers to get to know more people and expand their social network.

Don't know why but a lot of photographers approached me for photos during the time I was alone. Maybe my brother's presence made it hard for others to approach me. There was also a cute Ene cosplayer from the same series who asked for a selfie. Thanks for approaching me. I'm normally very shy at first.  After an hour in the tent, we sat outside at the stairs of Giordano for some rest. I needed to touch up my makeup which was getting patchy from the heat. The weather was quite haywire that day. It was so raining and cold earlier but now it was just humid and warm.

Selfie before heading home.

All in all it was a fun day. My love for cosplay really burnt bright during the event. Thank you to all the photographers who took photos and it was nice getting to know some others as well. Excited for the next event now which is EOY Cosfest at Marina Barrage this coming August.

Close enough?
Crappy edit. But I'm bored. HAHA.

Haven't plan what costume I'm gonna do yet. This year, for the first time, EOY will be a 2 day event too. Thinking of doing Trafalgar Law GB again since I feel like I didn't do the character justice last time. Plus my hand is itching to play with my nodachi sword.  Hehe. Anyway, I edited this Marry pic of mine cause it really looks like this particularly scene on the Imagination Forest PV. I even inserted the quote and all. Okay I'm just very free. Haha.

Also, I just created an account at World Cosplay. Yes, like after much pestering and requests from people, I finally took some time to make one. Though, it's still gonna be a while before I decide on making a Coscard. This will do for now. My photos aren't of good quality, they're just whatever I have in my phone at the moment. Shall improve on my cosplays and do proper shoots next time.

Do check it and follow me maybe?

 World Cosplay ID: arinarafiyah


  1. That was a fabulous cosplay of Marry Kozakura. You exuded a tint of mystery and calmness. 26 dreadful train stops? Gosh, you were so enthusiastic on J-Culture. Kudos Arina! Since you always forget something for your costume, perhaps you can draft a checklist with a box to tick for your cosplay everytime. From the wig to your shoes, let this checklist do the brainwork for you and free your brain cells which you can use for your degree. Nice brother you have to help you tuck in your hair. Wish I have a nice sis too! Keep up the good work Arina!

  2. Yes, 26 stops! The things I do for my love of J-culture. Haha. Yeah, I should definitely make a checklist next time or at least pack the day before. I always pack things at the last minute. Thanks so much for the support!


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