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If you've seen my latest instagram posts ( @arinarafiyah ) , you would hvae known that I was able t catch Alice Nine Live in Singapore for the Supernova Symphonia Tour 2014. Lady luck must have seriously been shining on me since I won tickets to Alice Nine, not once, but TWICE! That's right, I actually won a pair courtesy of teensmag first. But because 28 June, is the last day before the start of fasting month, it was a tradition to stay home and spend it with family. Well, that and I couldn't find anyone to accompany me. So I somehow managed to sell the tickets but at like more than half price (still a profit to me since I got them for free!) So yeah, I initially wasn't going for the concert. However, maybe I'm like fated to see Alice Nine or something. Because, on 28 June itself, SGCAFE contacted me early in the morning to tell me that I won a pair of tickets. It was a bittersweet moment for me when I receive the news. It wasn't easy to sell the first pair of tickets and it definitely was impossible to sell the second pair on the day itself. I still tried though. Contacted a bunch of previous customers who wanted to buy tickets from me previously. But most them already had the tickets and so did their friends. Asked Moika-chan for help too. But she was like laughing telling me to just go the concert and that it's my destiny or something. haha. After much discussion with my parents, they eventually tell me to just go the concert and not waste the tickets. I didn't really know who to bring but I suddenly thought of Alvis and just nice he said he's free after work. Yay!

1st pair of tix from Teens magazine

2nd pair of tix from SGCAFE.

Alice Nine actually started out as a visual kei band with all the heavy makeup, dyed hair and piercings but as time passed by, they somewhat lost or drop that image and stuck to the typical JRock band kind of look (think SPYAIR, L'ARC EN CIEL, ONEOKROCK). Not that I'm complaining; they still look great either way. Their music style is a little different from the standard rock band sound. It has a nice touch of pop dance tempos which really balances out the heavy metal sounds. Despite being more of a rock metal fan , I do find their music more refreshing from the norm of headbanging beats and echoing screams (not that they're lacking any). In short, I feel that Alice Nine's songs is kinda like a mix of ballads, upbeat tempos and lighter rock.

Alice Nine's visual kei days


Slowly transiting from Visual Kei image

Alice Nine, formed in 2004, has without a doubt became popular over the years. The band consist of 5 members; drummer Nao, bassist Saga, lead vocals Shou plus guitarists Hiroto & Tora.  Some of these talented guys even joined up with other members from well-known band like SCREW and MUCC forming a supergroup. Tora & Saga both being in supergroup, TOKYO HIGH BLACK while Hiroto is part of supergroup, Karasu. I do feel they show more of heir visual kei side in the other groups though (Hiroto especially with his dark visual kei look in Karasu).


If you're new to them, do check out their songs. Here's a few a my favourites:


Anyway, back to concert. First off, I had never been to a concert at The Coliseum at Hard Rock Hotel RWS. Based on my other concert experiences in Singapore, I was expecting a small enclosed place with air-condtioning and super tight security with no photo-taking allowed. So I was pretty shocked when I arrived to see that its an outdoor concert. Yes, they had the usual no food and drinks policy but pictures were actually allowed to be taken throughout the concert. So yeah, you could totally filmed the whole concert if you wished. There was no annoying security dude coming up to you to force you into deleting pictures and videos you just took on the spot; unlike most concerts. It was a plus point despite it being hot outside. Alvis even wore a thick pullover, thinking it was airconditioned. haha. Another thing I liked about the venue was that it was really spacious (either that or there wasn't much of a crowd). This meant that I won't be whacking people around me with my lightstick for once. Once, the band came out, fans started screaming the name of individual members and it wasn't long before the concert officially began. 16 songs is seriously alot, the concert was quite long I feel, making it worth the ticket price (Well, mine is free but you get what I mean). I was pretty much drenched in sweat even before the interval where the band took the time to greet us and introduce themselves properly. I think some people diedAfter an awesome set of crazy fun and high-ness, the crowd just didn't want it to end and we all began the chants for an encore. I personally love saying "ANKO-RU" repeatedly. It's never a complete concert without the chant, no? And of course, like most concerts,the fans always get what we want. The band came out again after changing their outfits and satisfied us with another 2 songs.

Image from Alice Nine Singapore Unofficial Facebook Page
Image from Alice Nine Singapore Unofficial Facebook Page
Image from Alice Nine Singapore Unofficial Facebook Page

Concert Set List:

SE Prelude-resolution-
2) プラマイ
4) Kiss twice,kiss me deadly
6) KID
7) 九龍
8) from KURAYAMI
9) Daybreak
10) メビウス
11) shooting star
13) ブループラネット
14) ヴェルベット
15) 百花繚乱
16) 開戦前夜

17) 春夏秋冬
18) the beautiful name

I think fans died inside when the members each took turns giving a message to the fans; saying stuff along the lines of "I've missed you!", "I'm back", "My heart can't take it", "Singapre no.1!". Hiroto even got us to follow him in a cheer where he would repeatedly say, " we are.." and the crowd screams out, "ALICE NINE!" Even after the members left, Hiroto remained behind to say his goodbye and thank you. His sincerety seriously stole my heart that day even though I just recently knew the band.

Dying in the heat of the concert. haha.
Afterwards, Alvis and I went to desperately hydrate ourselves. We were dying for a Big Gulp but somehow the 7-11 we went to didn't have them or the machine is out of order. In the end, we bought our drinks at the cinema. We just walk up the second level of the cinema bought drinks and walked out of the place. Alvis still offered to buy popcorn. Haha. We then went to search for a still-open bakery to get a cake for his mum's birthday. Had a great time with time exploring (getting lost actually) in Vivo City, and catching up with each other. Can't believe it's been 2 years since I met him. We definitely need to meet up more. Thanks again for accompanying me! ( ^ ~ ^)

And I must say, Alice Nine is really generous when it comes to fan service. Think blowing kisses and serious eye-contact. They even threw their half-drank bottles, their guitar picks and Nao threw his drumstick into the crowd too! Fans were scrambling to catch whatever they threw, I even saw some crawling on the floor to search for the guitar picks. They even had some BL moment when Shou sang up close while holding Tora and Saga face. And was it just me or did Shou kiss Hiroto on the forehead too?! I wasn't too sure because I was too high from the non-stop headbanging, jumping,chanting and all the smoke and lighting might have clouded my vision somehow. Haha. I'm not a fan of yaoi (or boys love) but those moments kinda made my heart go doki doki in a funny weird way. Must be my inner fangirl.  Here's a little snippet of one of the songs they performed at the concert.

Anyway, do check out Alice Nine Official Facebook Page for more photos and videos of their amazing Supernova Symphonia Tour.

For more on Alice Nine, visit their official site:

 Alice Nine Official Website

*Note: Images & videos are taken from various sources and do not belong to me.

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