Sunday, 8 June 2014

Rosebullet Opening @ Orchard Gateway

Rosebullet has just opened its new outlet at Orchard Gateway which is conveniently located near Somerset MRT. I'm sure many of you know that Rosebullet Singapore ローズブリット  is a popular Japanese fashion brand which carries a variety of styles from sweet & kawaii, to sexy & edgy. This is one of my favourite Japanese stores to go to here in Singapore, besides Lowry's Farm, Drips Drops and JRunway. It just so happens that Drip Drops & LDS can also be found in this new Rosebullet Edit Tokyo outlet along with 6 other brands! I used to go for the edgy look, but recently, I'm more into the feminine style (just think pastel colours, lace, frills, and tutus!)

Check out their Spring Collection featuring one of my favourite Japanese models, Lena Fujii!

Of course, do take a look at other collections from brands like LDS, Love Boat, KARIANG and more.

Anyway, in celebration of their new store, Rosebullet had an opening party on the 17 May. There was a special styling event where fellow nobodies like me can dress up any of the invited bloggers. It was just my luck that Yukie-san of TMA (tokymodeaddict) was one of the invited bloggers. She posted on instagram that her readers were open and welcome to join the styling. The opening happened to be during my exam period so was contemplating if I should attend or not. I wasn't planning to take part in the styling thing at all since I have zero experience in the area. But when Yukie-san asked me if I wanted to come for the first slot for the styling and how it would be great to finally meet me in person, I just couldn't say no.

On the day of the opening, I came by at 2pm and felt so awkward there. One of the resons I dn't like to attend events alone. I tend to feel lost and blur and just plain out of place. I could'nt find Yukie-san in the store and I had no way of contacting her, so I asked one of the staff who told me to wait at the counter there. I waited and waited til one of the staff finally brought me to her. Apparently, she was waiting for me near the entrance and I probably couldn't recognise her cause she is seriously gorgeous and much taller in real life. From her blog I know she's quite insecure about her face shape but I personally think her face is small too! Way nicer than my fat face.

Visit their new store at Orchard Gateway.
Upon entering, a bunch of stuff caught my eye. Everything is so totally pretty. Took me a whole lot of will power to resist buying everything I see. Oh and apparently, they have TABIO here! I super love socks from Tabio, they're the total epitome of kawaii-ness. Mad love for their socks. I even picked out socks wit Yukie-san for her coordinate but one of the rosebullet told us that socks were a "だめ, だめ" (dame, dame) - meaning a "no no" for the styling.

TABIO  Socks!

Anyway, I was quite nervous at first cause I didn't really know anything about styling. I decided to go for a pastel themed outfit. Something I'm really into this Spring/Summer season. Luckily, Yukie-san is really nice, guiding me and giving me tips and all. She is the fashion blogger among the 2 of us here. Most of the time though we were just having simple talk while browsing through the clothes rack of the store. Everything in the store is so pretty. I was seriously spoiled for choices. The sailor look from the Love Boat and the kawaii-ness of the LDS and the simplicty yet chic-ness of the DipDrops collection just totally appeals me! My awkwardness eventually went away when Monika came to visit me with a cup of GongCha Melon Milk Tea. She's really my saviour for the day since I haven't had anything to eat or drink at the time. I felt more confident with her there. Her presence was reassuring.

Browsing through stuff in the store with Yukie-san.
Randomly picking out clothes that I think is cute.

I also saw fabulous bloggers IIWEN and GOLLY for the first time in person who came to style Yukie-san and Evonne-san respectively. Why do they all look so good in real life?! I wanted to take photo with the 2 of them but I was kinda shy. Hopefully I'll get to see them next time. The famous Qiuqiu, Yutaki and Miyake were there as well. After taking photos with Yukie-san (super love the makeup function on my new camera), I was able to chat with her for awhile. She's a year older than me and a fresh poly graduate. She told me she remembered me from Jdiary. Speaking of which, she says they'll be finding time to work on new episodes on Jdiary. Click HERE to see what Jdiary is all about. Because of her studies, the Jdiary Channel had been on hiatus. So stay tuned for more to come on Jdiary and from the fashionista behind TMA, Yukie-san. Do check out the fresh new look of her blog at !

Overall, it's a nice experience but I think I'll stick to being styled rather than being the one who styles. Right now, my schedule is a little packed from photoshoots and stuff. But I'm committing myself to posting at least once a week so bear with me.


*Note: Photos by rosebullet and other various sources

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