Monday, 26 May 2014

Strait Times Urban X Marina Square Spring Makeover

I'm officially back from my mini hiatus. So glad to be finally done with final exams. Hooray for the end of my Year 1  in university. Right now, I'm on a 4 months break till September. Currently, I'm busy hunting for an temporary office job in admin or accounts. Sent out a bunch of emails already but still currently waiting for replies. Meanwhile, I'll be working at Expo this week as a magazine promoter. However, its a formal event where we have to be in office wear in blouses and ties. Feeling a little nervous since apparently we have to meet a quota per hour which seems tough but I'll be working with my clueless brother. So I'm gonna have to be strong and hardworking enough to pull both of weights. Regardless, the pay is probably good enough to motivate me to get the job done.

Part of me wants to spend my days away like an otaku, watching anime after anime, reading manga after manga, drawing and doodling, and only ever going out for cosplay or anime events. Unfortunately, if I want to go out I need money and with the $150 monthly allowance (including transport fares) I receive from my parents just won't cut it.  I've managed to survive school with that amount by eating less, avoiding after school hangouts, packing lunch, and just going home straight after school. I won't argue with my parents about it since they're already paying my burden of a school fee and my phone bill. I'm already thankful for that much.

Anyway, I had a big break financially recently, when I won 2nd place in the Strait Times Urban X Marina Square Spring Makeover Contest. I was shocked to even be placed in the top 3 during the Awards Party. I won $1700 worth of Marina Square vouchers which basically means I can totally revamp my whole wardrobe. hehe. Well, here's what went done at the party.

Done with makeup an hair for now.

We had to come down early for hair, makeup and wardrobe plus a rehearsal.(Oh I had my bangs trimmed cause the stylist say that it wasn't straight enough. )My stylist wasn't here so somehow my hair wasn't the same as before. My hair was more wavy than curly before. Hmmm..We arrived to find the place full of models which include the fabulous Sofia Wakabayashi and Vivien Ong. Overwhelmed by all their good looks and great figure. We were pretty much absorbed ogling at the guys. Later, I also had an interview with one of the Strait Times Urban writers. The other finalists are really friendly and nice. I think that day we truly bonded and got to know one another a whole lot better. Everyone was surprisingly different and unique in their own way. One working in a law firm, another an ex-air stewardess, a marathon-er and even just simply a student awaiting to enter poly. I'm kinda glad I got to meet such individualistic people.

Selfie while waiting.

Finally changed into my event dress from Bershka.

We were then brought down to the event area and wow, we shocked to see what was on display for us. The staff had actually prepared life-sized standees of a pre-makeover us. First thing on everyone's mind was, "oh my gosh, so ugly, don't look!".  We instantly went and took photos with our standees. We then had a brief rehearsal on like where to enter and stuff. I was freaking nervous since I was the first one up on stage lineup.

Our standees. 
Us with our standees.
With the other finalists, just before it all starts.

Eventually, the time had come for us to take the stage. On stage, I just babbled and just said whatever came to mind when the pretty host,    interviewed us on our experience and stuff. After my turn was done though, my feet really hurt from standing throughout in high heels okay. i was silently praying hard everyone would keep their interviews short and sweet.Eventually, they announced the top 3, being me, Tselyn and Renu. The 3 of us then had to go change into our second outifit, the one we wore for the photoshoot. Had a funny run in a the changing room downstairs where the models were all chaotic, some being scolded for changing too slow and such. Both girls and guys were just stripping off like nothing. When I opened the door of my booth, I immediately saw a guy stripping off his shirt. But I guess that was more of a good thing. haha. Another funny moment happened when a random Eurasian lady, entered the room hoping to use the toilet. One of the stylist had to tell her that the place was closed to public and off limits. But she could have totally passed off as one the models. She totally had that model feel. While the models were doing their fashion walks, we had our hair and makeup touching and receiving compliments for being in the top 3. Finally, we joined the models during the last walk going up the escalator and waving to random people. My mum seriously cannot shut up about my dress or me not smilling with teeth. Its not that easy to adjust my dress in front pf everyone and I personally don't like to smile with teeth please. Sigh.. Anyway, we were then given prizes as the winners were announced. I already expected that Renu would win. Her transformation is seriously the most drastic. Louis told me that my 'before' photo wasn't ugly enough. Lol.

With my parents.

With Aunt Mimi and family. (And yes, I look damn short beside Sykes)

With my best friends, all looking so pretty.

All in all, I'm truly blessed to be part of this event. Afterall, I joined not with the aim to win but more for a fun and free experience. I got to experience a photo-shoot and be pampered by stylists. Clinching 2nd place was just a bonus. Thanks to everyone who spared a few seconds of their time and $0.21 to vote for me. Lots of love to my besties- Nadiah, Monika, Estella and Indah; and my family- Aunt Mimi, Uncle and cousin, Sykes. An d of course, my parents as well, for supporting me in this whole event, accompanying me to my photo-shoots, dress fittings and stuff. Thanks a bunch, love you all. Last but no least, I'm super grateful to the talented styling and photography team from Jerome Productions (especially my makeup artist, Ginger) as well as the Urban team, writers, Gladys and Leslie. I should participate in events like this more often.

Well, I'm slowly gonna start publishing more stuff on my blog soon. Lots of things to share about. Till next time,bye-bye!

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