Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Beauty in Beauty Sleep

Lately, I've started developing a bad habit of staying up past my usual bedtime and I'm sure you all know that if you're deprived of sleep, it really shows on your face. The most obvious signs would be eye-bags, dark circles and your skin tends to lose its shine. Basically, you'll end up looking pretty dull, disheveled and somehow your mood gets affected that you start being cranky. So, here's some tips on how to combat sleep-related beauty problems.

First off, know that beauty sleep literally means beauty sleep. When you sleep, your skin renews and repairs itself. Thus, by forgoing your slumber, you actually reduce the ability of your skin to recover from the daily damage it endures such as from harmful UV rays. This will lead to skin dehydration, making fine lines more visible and leaving skin saggy as it loses its moisture. So do get your much needed 7-9 hours (nothing more or less) of sleep for a natural beauty boost.

Plus, take note that many beauty products - be it hair, face, or body; are most effective overnight as they penetrate better in your sleep. There are many products out there that cater to the different  beauty problems like dark eye-circles,wrinkles, dry skin etc. Feel free to explore the wide range of products to meet your specific skin care needs at the Home Shopping Network (HSN).

Home Shopping Network (HSN) is an company that sells through a television network in the US and currently has sister channels in other several countries such as Japan, Germany and Philippines. But don't worry if your not from these states, you can still get their products online as well! Visit their online retail outlet,, where you can browse through a variety of stuff from beauty and fashion to home decor and shopping. I love how they classify the beauty products based on different types of skin problems that we face. You can also choose to shop by brands such as Benefit, Korres and Elysee.


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If you're not too sure on what to get, check out this great article done up by Carly Woods, one of HSN expert beauty authors, where she recommends some of the best products to apply overnight for healthier and brighter skin.


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You can also view their video tutorials and behind-the-scenes footage on their Youtube Channel hosted by their own hosts, celebrity guests and your favourite brands. Expect to see useful cooking demonstrations by top chefs as well as beauty tricks presented by popular beauty brands. Watch this awesome video on how to enlarge your eyes featuring one of my favourite brands, LancĂ´me! For more videos, do subscribe to their Youtube Channel.

Personally, my nightly skincare routine mainly consists of prepping my face clean and creating a perfect relaxing atmosphere for sleep. If you wear makeup often like me, it's important to strip your face clean of any makeup before anything else. Trust me, you do not want your pores to be all clogged up and wake up with a pimple breakout the next day. Sometimes, I go the extra mile and pamper myself with a facial mask before I sleep. See my post on how I prep my face clean HERE

Once I'm done with my skincare needs, I always ensure that my room is in the best possible state of relaxation. Your environment is vital in determining how you sleep. You might find it hard to fall asleep if your room is messy or feel even more distressed upon seeing such a messy state. Make a habit to tidy up the room a little before you sleep. I can never sleep without fluffing my pillows and dusting my bed. Besides that, I love to have pillows on either side on my bed and my huge trusty Tigger (Yes, I sleep with a soft toy, don't judge me). It somehow gives me a sense of security to have things surrounding me on the bed. Of course, if you're the kind that prefers to have lots of space to roll around, then feel free to put away all your pillows. Whatever makes you comfortable would help you achieve a good night rest.

I also highly recommend having an air freshener or purifier in the room. You'd be surprised at its stress-relief benefits. I myself have an Air Wick Spray installed in my room which automatically sprays the fragrance at certain time intervals. I'm using a lemon scent as I've read somewhere that the scent of citrus is often useful in curbing stress and anxiety, as well as helping with digestion and nausea. There's even a study that found that lemons can improve cognitive performance and mood. I get an upset stomach easily due to stress so this my personal preference as I find it very calming. But lavender has been a crowd favorite when it comes to relaxing scents too.

A good investment

Well, that's it from me. Now, it's time for my own nightly hygiene ritual. Let's take a breather, put on a facial mask and catch up on those Zzz.. for beautiful glowing skin tomorrow. Hope this helps you combat those sleep-related beauty problems. Good luck and here's a little recap:

1. Manage your schedule and ensure that you get sufficient sleep (7-9 hours)
2. Start a nightly hygiene skin care ritual and pamper yourself
3. Get comfy and create your ideal sleeping environment
4. Relieve some stress with some air fresheners or scented candles

Good night all and have a nice rest!

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*Note: Images are from Google Search and HSN

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