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Hey all. Today, I'm gonna be reviewing about my stuff from I was super excited to see it when I opened my mailbox. Hehe. Anyway, for those of you who don't know, is basically a site that lets you try samples of various products. So you will know if the products are suitable for you or not before you actually decide to purchase them. This concept is seriously genius! This way, if you don't like the product if won't be a waste as compared to buying a whole bottle and chucking it away afterwards. I seriously had this problem of having regretful buys which somehow leads me with a hoard of stuff that I don't like or use. So guys, be smart and shop smart, the SampleStore way. Here's a little snippet on the!, a member of Singapore Post group of companies, is the leading online try-vertising platform in Singapore. With more than 100 different brands and up to 80,000 members, boasts a unique sampling experience unlike any other.

I first got to know about the through a mini postcard advertising their online store while looking through my mail. It was pretty appealing especially since there were the words "FREE" on the card. And well, I'm sure I've mentioned a billion times that I just love free stuff. So I immediately signed up and started choosing my products. That's right, you get to choose the stuff that you want to try! And in about a week, I found this pretty package in my letterbox. Its a ziplock bag so you can use it to store your stuff too. Practical indeed.

The samples are all mini size, perfect for travel and you get more than one sample for certain products. Not only that, they also threw in a nude pink lipgloss as a free gift. Yay! These were what I ordered:

1. Elishacoy Always Baby BB Cream

So, I'm gonna start with what I disliked most out of all the samples. I'm sorry but I have to say, I really really do not like this BB cream at all. I realise that this BB cream is whitening but I think this is a little too white for me. To be fair, I'm a natural beige so maybe it doesn't suit my skin tone but might be better on someone who is much fairer than I am. While the UV protection is a standard SPF35++, the hydration was sadly poor. It is very cakey rather than moisturising and it doesn't blend that well either. It's a bit too sticky for my taste. However, despite all the problems I had with it, the coverage was great and my flaws were concealed.

As you can see from the photo, it's a bit too pale on me. But if you're fairer than me then you can consider giving it a try. The product is cake-y and a little sticky but I think its mainly because it's made from natural ingredients like royal jelly which is good for people with sensitive skin. All in all, it's just not for me.

2. Rachel K CC Cream (Neutral)

I have tried a dozen brands of BB and CC cream, and I find this one to be one my top picks. The coverage is great and I love how it blends well. Plus, the colour tone is an oh-so-perfect colour; totally matches my skin. No worries if your fairer as they have another lighter shade in original. Again the hydration could be better with its SPF 35++. Besides that, the oil control for this is superb. My face was still bright and matte after long hours.

I would definitely buy this in future. The colour tone is just right and the coverage is good as well. It just brightens up my skin. It was really lasting too, I wore it out almost the whole day and there was no need to touch up at all. Now, if only it was more moisturising and the SPF is higher.

3. Love More Snailmucin Repairing Eye Mask

I'm starting to get dark eye circles and eyebags lately due to nights of sleeping late and staying up. I hate it when the skin around my eyes start to sag a little making fine lines appear. I used this mask overnight and the results were satisfactory. My eyebags were reduced and my eyes seem brighter with less saggy skin. The mask is super mosturising and even though it's snail mucin extract, it doesn't stink. However, the mask wasn't a perfect fit. It actually a bit too big for me that the sides of the mask reach past my face area. So part of my hair had the essence dripping on it. Other than that, this is a good buy for soothing tired eyes.


4. Rachel K Youth Spell Day Cream

I think you can really feel the changes with this day cream. You can use this as a makeup base and just before bedtime. I wore this overnight and I really love how my face has this radiant glow to it. My skin felt more smooth and supple too. The cream is not too thick or sticky and satisfyingly moisturizing. The downside is that the oil contorl is just so-so. My t-zone area is still oily despite application after a few hours.


5. Kiss me Heavy Lotation Sexy Enamel Gloss (03 Natural Nude) -Free Gift

I got this as a free gift so I won't comment so much about it. In summary, it's a pretty nude colour. The applicator is kinda like a brush which makes is much better to apply on the lips. But the gloss is too sticky for my liking. Good for natural looks. Unfortunately, I like my gloss to be a little more on the pinkish side.


So would I try products from the again? Well, the answer is yes, most definitely. It is really worth it to try samples before considering to buy the actual product. Just from my review of products, I already know which ones I should choose to buy. It's a beneficial experience and everyone and anyone should give it go.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with them today for FREE and start redeeming your FREE samples! Of course, you can also choose any of the other non-free samples and merely pay the shipping fee. See the steps below.

You can click the button below to register and start choosing any products of your choice to try.
Have fun!

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