Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mini Hiatus + Mini Updates

Hey all, I haven't posted in a week now and won't be posting in more weeks to come. That's right, I'm will b eon hiatus as of now. (Well, actually, supposedly, as off last week). The reason simply being that I need to mug for my finals, my end-of-first-year exam. All you university would know how it's like. So yes, I have been mugging more than I usually do. I have a ton of unpublished stuff but I'll definitely post them all after 20 May which is the day of my last paper. So do be patient and  ごめんなさい (Gomen'nasai).

Since I'm blogging about my hiatus, I might as well update on a few other things. First off, I received this beautiful Casio Exilim Hello Kitty Gold Camera which is limited edition and only can be found in Japan; courtesy of the kind people of PlusOne Asia Singapore.Super in love with it right now even though I had trouble with the manual since it was all in Japanese and the set-up and camera functions are alaso in Jap. On the bright side, I really feel like picking up Japanese. My dad was just teaching me some simple words and phrases the other day. Plus, I love Jap culture so I'm seriously thinking about it.

Anyway, can't wait to start snapping pretty pictures with this! Thanks again to PlusOne Asia for the lovely gift. Do like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram. They'll be sharing their products and neat makeup tips and tricks. They'll also have a special surprise giveaway for every hundreth like they hit. So when their page hits 400 likes, 500 likes, 600 likes... a lucky person will be chosen at random for the prize. How awesome is that?

Besides that, remember I mentioned about a photoshoot I went a while back. Actually, it was a photoshoot with Strait Times. That's right, everybody's trusted local newspaper The Strait Times! Well, I didn't reveal the details at first because it wasn't officially published on the newspaper yet. Anyway, I was one of the lucky 8 finalists selected for the Spring Makeover. So if you grab a copy of the Strait Times last Friday and this Friday, do browse through the Urban section and you'll see my gorgeous picture there. HAHA.

That's me! First on the far left.

Dress from Bershka, bag from Charles & Keith and shoes from GEOX. Loving the coordination of this outfit. I like the whole stylish Japanese girl concept for spring. Really got to hand it to the awesome stylists for both hair, makeup and wardrobe. They truly work wonders here.

Anyway, there'll be an event showcasing us finalisits in this Spring  makeover at Marina Square. It's sort of an awards party to crown the winner of the makeover who'll walk away with great prizes. Of course, I hope to win, but the  other finalists are just as gorgeous as well. If you're free on Friday, 25 April 2014, do head down and catch a glimpse of me at the event. The party starts at 7pm. It you have voted and scored yourself some passes to the party, do come and support us as well. I'm also excited to see my Aunt Mimi, my cousin Sykes and my girl besties who I've invited to to the event. Can't wait for Friday. Hopefully, I don't screw up that day. hehe.

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