Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wrap Up the Bad, & Unwrap only the Good

March has been a hectic month. I'm so busy with school, work and other social activities. I'm just so glad that my coursework assignment is over and done with. Finally, I can rest from coding. Sadly, studies don't end there. My finals are coming up in May so mugging has officially begun. I'm just dreading April since that's when intensive school study session begins. There are even days when I have to go school on Saturday and Sunday. How horrible is that? Guess I can kiss my weekends goodbye.

Work-wise, the students are still rowdy and out of control sometimes. But these past lessons, I can see that they're slowly growing and learning. These kids can definitely be entrepreneurs in future. We had a mini carnival in their school last week. I'm really proud of my groups who were able to make some profits. I hope everything goes well in the preparation of the final official carnival which is also the last day of my job. After which, I'll be taking a break from work to fully concentrate on my studies. As unbearable as the students may be, saying goodbye is always the hardest.

I wish I could type at this ridiculously fast speed

Besides that, now that my coursework is over, I'm hectically trying to finish up all my overdue blog posts. There's many half written stuff and some new stuff that just started piling in. Just to list a few; my Brigitte Look post, my Guide to Hair Care post, my Sunsilk Pop-Up Salon post are some seriously late updates. Yet, I've got new ones like my Floralteaparty Insta Shop post, my post as well as my Colour of the Year post. Right now, I'm just slowly pacing through all my stuff. Hopefully, I can get all this posts up by end of March.

In other news, I had to attend lots of dress fittings lately and no, its not a cosplay costume. Apparently, I have a few cousins who are getting married or engaged in the coming weeks and months. So I had to go shop for dresses with my mum and because of my unproportional figure, I had to have them tailored. Just yesterday, my mum and I went shopping in hopes to find a yellow, a maroon dress and a turquoise dress. Unfortunately, we only found a maroon dress for myself and bought some other unnecessary ones. Impulsive buys are seriously the death of my wallet. But I just realised a weird thing, the top part of my body is a S size but my bottom is a M size due to my fat bum. No wonder I look awfully fat sometimes. I totally get why my clothes have to be tailored most of the time.

I hate feeling so low about myself

Speaking of dress fittings, there's a photo-shoot on Saturday for the Spring Makeover. I'm feeling excited yet nervous at the same time. I've never experienced a Studio shoot before; my cosplay ones are usually impromptu, on-the-spur-of-the-moment, outdoor type. I'm really conscious of my weight and figure though. I've somehow managed to lose 5 kg since A levels but I'm still 3-4 kg away from my ideal weight. I'm really afraid that I'm a black sheep among the other girls who are probably more beautiful and slim. Gahh, I hate feeling so self-conscious. Go away negative thoughts! All these recent stress and exhaustion has been really taxing on my well-being too. Well, for one thing, other than my regular upset stomach, I over-walked (YES, ITS POSSIBLE) and strained my ankle. I sprained my ankle and over-stretched my ligament before during one of my old netball days. I couldn't walk properly or do Physical education for 3 months cause of that. Ever since then, I lost my ability to jump far and every time I walked too much or stand too long, my ankle starts acting up really bad that I end up limping at home in my ankle guard. The terrible hazy, on-off rainy sunny weather isn't helping either.

My exact sentiments

Oh how I wish this few months would end soon so I can wrap up my packed exhausting schedule and embark on my 4 months (THAT'S RIGHT, 4 MONTHS!) end of Year 1 holiday break.Wow, all this typing is making me really hungry. Guess this is the perfect opportunity to head down to my favourite neighbourhood fast-food restaurant and...

Unwrap good times with KFC Bandito Pockett!

KFC Bandito Pockett packed with so many tasty ingredients, 100% chicken fillet marinated in signature hot & crispy flavor, served on a bed of fresh lettuce, with salsa and mayonnaise, all wrapped in a toasted tortilla. It is every KFC fan’s favourite wrap! Try it now to enjoy a good time!

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