Friday, 7 March 2014

Express Manicure @ PINC (Bugis Junc)

Estella and Indah wanted me to bring them to do their nails at Bugis before they head to work. Since they start work at 1pm, I had to make a sacrifice and wake up earlier than usual just to meet them. Set my alarm at 8.15 am but I ended waking up around 9ish. Anyway, alot of nail salons aren't open so early. Only the ones at Bugis Junction and one or two at Bugis Street. Decided to bring them to either Fame nail or Nail Indulgence de Beau but both were fully booked and were not able to cater to walk-in. So girls, do try to make a booking for your nails or you'll end up at hunting down nail salons that are free. I had a hunch that the nail salons at Bugis Junction will be able to cater to walk-ins since it was still morning. So we headed to PINC. And luckily after checking their schedule they were able to accomadate us since we were only getting express manicures. 

The place is really cosy and the chair is comfortable with pillows. I could seriously sleep while getting my nails done and I almost did! Indah chose a cool blue color while Estella chose a feminine pink. I was sick of bright colors so I went with a nude color; though I was contemplating to go with a salmon orange color.The ladies were really friendly and nice too which made the experience at the nail salon a good one. Was really happy with the outcome of my nails and so were my besties. They were so ecstatic over their nails and I'm glad they enjoyed their virgin manicures at a nail salon. They kept showing off their nails though which at some point was starting to get really annoying. Anyway, here's a look at my nails.

Its actually a pretty nice change of color. This is somewhat of a mature cool classic shade to me. Estella said its kinda like a latte color. The milky color also reminded me of my favourite Gongcha Milk Melon Tea which has a similar shade. Made me love it even more. A working lady later came in and chose the exact same color I did. hehe. Great minds think alike.

It really stands out a lot next to a bright color item.

Milky Nails

After I got home, I kept staring at my nails. As much as I love the color, it just seems so plain somehow. So I rummaged through my drawer and found my manicure set. Decided to take it up a notch and do a simple glitter tip on  my nails.  And they turned out great. But maybe I should have done a bit of a gradient tip too. Hmm.. oh well.

Who knew that with a simple touh of glitter, the look and feel of the nails can change. From a classy mature feel to a kawaii princess feel. This express manicure was so worth it. Oh and just to share. There is a difference between classic manicure and express manicure. Express manicure is cheaper as it is just mainly buff, file and one color coat. Basically, it's like doing your own nails at home but more professionally done of course. Classic on the other hand includes a soak and massage as well. So its sort of the same thing; it just depends on whether you want nails done fast or you want to relax and take your time getting your nails done. Express normally takes half an hour while Classic takes about an hour or more.

Seriously loving them nails. Will definitely go back again when I have free time and try their gelish manicure. Fyi, their express manicure is $12, classic manicure is at $17 and gelish manicure is at $28. Oh and french manicure is an extra $5. Its really affordable if you ask me. They're using mainly OPI and TiNS nail poslih if you're wondering. For bookings do call them up and make an appointment with them.

PINC Nail Salon
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    +65 93802513 (More Information) 
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    Mon - Sat: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm
    Sunday & Public Holidays, 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM 

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