Friday, 21 February 2014

Natural Beauty, Minimalistic Makeup

Recently, I have a lot of new makeup products. So I decided to make use of a bunch of them and somehow I came up with this look. I was aiming for a simple clean fresh look. Something easy, natural and light; that's perfect for everyday makeup. Nowadays, I feel my makeup is too heavy even when I'm not cosplaying. So, in a way, this is kinda like a tone down version for me. Plus, spring & summer are the best seasons for nude and light colours.

This is my before look. Please pardon my unstyled hair and my home clothes. I know I look like a hobo. But I'm sacrificing my super unglam face here so you can see the difference with and without the makeup. My skin is really bad. I have blemishes, uneven skin tone, chapped lips and more recently, dark circles plus eye-bags. Luckily, I have no major pimples so its still easy to conceal my flaws. P.S. I'm used my camera for most of photos this time so it's a better quality than my phone camera.




The outcome was a youthful, pared-back radiance. This was done mainly with a blend of neutral eye-shadows, gently curled lashes and a flawless base. Yeah, I know the before and after change is quite drastic. Just to be honest, the before photo was taken with my phone camera and the final outcome photo was taken with my camera. I kinda forgot to take a before with my camera. My bad. So the quality is kinda different. But I just wanna highlight the general change of the look. If it helps you can refer to a later photo which I took using my phone.

Here's the products that I used for this look.

My mini palette from Sephora. This was a birthday gift from them It basically consists of eye-shadows, blush and lip gloss. It's really compact and convenient for me to bring along. Plus, I love the nude and natural colours in this. I mainly used the two brown shades and the peachy lip gloss in this look cause I wanna be minimalist as possible.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation. I bought it when Guardian was having a sale. It was selling for $29.90 and includes an extra refill and sponge worth another $21.90. So it was definitely a steal for me. I also used the Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen.

One of my favourite mascaras from Maybelline, the Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara. I love the brush of this mascara and it comes in brown too.

And last but not least, my brand new products from Catrice. These are basically my feature products for this makeup look. Catrice is pretty new in Singapore, launching only last year and can only be found in certain Guardian outlets. But what got me tempted to try this brand is their wide variety and cheap prices. First off, they actually sell bronzer and highlighter, two of the rarest things to find in a common drugstore. The only other brand I know that sells them is Canmake but Japanese cosmetic brands tend to be a little more pricey. Fyi, Catrice is an European cosmetic company.

Anyway, here's a closer look of my minimalistic makeup.

The steps to this look are pretty simple. First off, I applied my regular foundation. If your blemishes or dark circles are pretty bad, I suggest using a concealer as well. Then, I covered my entire eyelid with light brown eye-shadow, and create shadows at the corner of my lids with the darker brown. I then used the Catrice Highlighter Pen to brighten up the inner corners of my eyes. After which, I drew a thin line of eyeliner and only on the top of my lid as we're trying to keep it simple here and I usually overdo my makeup with bold eyeliner. Finishing off my eyes with a little mascara, I finally moved on to contouring my face. I didn't go all out in contouring but I just did the basic shadowing on my cheekbones and nose. Of course, not forgetting the highlights on my nose bridge and forehead as well. Add a little peachy blush and lip gloss and voila, you're done. This is perfect for daily wear and I took less than 10 mins to do this. So this is really effortless. Sorry if I'm not clear in explaining the steps. This was quite rushed, but I promise to do a proper tutorial next time.

I used my phone camera here. This would be a more accurate when comparing to the my hobo photo. As you can see, the before and after is still drastic. It looks as if I when to camp and didn't shower for days in the before photo. And in my after photo, I looked like I just went for SPA. haha. I did shower okay in case anyone has doubts. My skin just tends to get oily sometimes...

Well, that's it for me. I can't wait for March cause that's when my mock exams and coursework submission will be over. I had a lot of things that I haven't blogged about too. Where has the time gone? Sigh.. In other news, I will doing a special Brigitte cosmetic post and a Vidal Sassoon hair post in March. Stay tuned for that.

Oh and just to share, PlusOne Asia Singapore is having on ongoing giveaway now. It has long started and will continue for weeks. A product from the featured cosmetic brand of the week will be up for giveaways.This week, the Acemedia Medicated Acne Care BB Cream and Acemedia Medicated Oil Control Powder - AD Natural is up for grabs. In addition, there's a final prize of winning a Casio camera. For more details, like them on their Facebook Page!

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