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SGCafe's First, Maids & Butler Cafe Event

As mentioned before, I had received an email and SMS invitation from the EOY staff to attend the event. So yes, I had to cancel my Chinese New Year visiting plans with my friends which I was a little sad about. But  I just love events! Either way, it was a happy situation for me. hehe. The Maids & Butler Cafe was organised by SGCafe and sponsored by Canon. It was held from 11am to 6pm at the Bliss House themed restaurant at The Central, Clark Quay. I had planned to go when it opens but I was pretty much rushing in the morning, my makeup and hair was quite messed up. Plus, my face condition was really bad this week. I have this particular blue black blemish on my cheek that looks like someone punched my cheek. I have no idea how it got there. It just suddenly appeared 2-3days ago and it hurts too. I wanted to wear my fake lashes too but I suddenly couldn't find my transparent glue. And there was a few times I was looking for a particular mascara and lipstick and only found it when I used some other one instead. So frustrating..! I wasn't in the mood to wear my white Lolita dress, so opted for a simple outfit. I think it was the first few events that I wore really sloppy too. The other being at the Funan Anime Matsuri last year.

Unglam face

Anyway, I met up with Estella and Indah at The Central. Unfortunately, Indah had work so she couldn't joined us for the event but it was really sweet of her to come down just to see us before she left for work.

At first, we waited at the entrance thinking someone would let us in but after a while we just walk in as if we own the place. As we walked in, the photo-booth corner as well as a range of canon products were displayed. They even had the camera that's currently on my wishlist, the Canon Powershot N, as mentioned in my wishlist post.We were instantly greeted by the maids and staff. After settling the admission stuff, we were led to our seats. My first impression of the restaurant in one word, breathtaking. It really had the captivating garden setting. It had that wonderland kind of feeling.

Proudly brought to you by Canon (Photo: SGCafe)
The Canon Powershot N is so cute! (Photo: SGCafe)
Photo Print Area. (Photo: SGCafe)
We were seated near the window which is pretty neat since we had a full-length spectacular view of the city area outside. Estella thought the tree beside us was real. That's how great everything looks.

Yes, that's us over there. (Photo: SGCafe)

Mandatory selfie while we still look good.

One of the butlers then came to take our orders. But the cafe menu was pretty limited for the event so there was not much to choose from. Here's a look at the special event cafe menu.

In the end, I had the Penne Mushroon Alfredo while Estella had the Penne Chicken Pomodoro for our main course and we both decided to give the Bliss drink of the week a try. The food was served after a little chat with our butler Gabriel a.k.a. Ritsu. It was a first time at a Maid & Butler Cafe for Estella and I haven't been to one for a while now. This was like only my 3rd or 4th time I guess. So we were feeling kinda awkward with our conversations at first. But after awhile you tend to get used to it and just go with the flow.

Cream of Corn Soup
The Cream of Corn was really thick and you can actually taste the freshness of the corn. I don't really drink Corn soup but it's surprisingly good. I thought it was uniquely refreshing compared to the usual Cream of Mushroom or Tomato Soup.

Penne Mushroom Alfredo
After a nice soup as an appetizer, I was looking forward to our main course. The Penne Mushroom Alfredo was decent enough to me. I liked the creamy sauce though it was a bit dry and the nice smell of cheddar did make my appetite bigger. However, I tend to get sick of the creamy taste towards the end so I gave some of my portion to Estella who happily ate it.

Penne Chicken Pomodoro
 Estella on the other hand had the Penne Chicken Pomodoro which was really delicious. The taste of the sauce was just prefect. It wasn't too thick or too dry to swallow. All that's missing was a bottle of cheddar cheese that was a a bit too little here. The taste sort of made me regret my choice of the main course but oh well, what's done is done.

Bliss drink of the week
The pretty Bliss drink!
The Bliss drink of the week was... well, blissful I guess. It had this great mix of ice cream and strawberry with a cute heart shaped jelly right on top. Not sure what the pink and green colours were really. Probably food coloring but yeah, it tastes just like Strawberry yoghurt smoothie. Totally sweet and milky. My kind of drink. Hehe.

(Photo: SGCafe)

Later on, our butler Gabriel came back and we had a good time getting to know each other. Unlike the other cafes I went, this one went all out to really portray a real Maid & Butlers cafe. For each food item that was served, a fellow maid would do a 'Power-up' or a 'Moe' spell that was somehow supposed to make our food more yummy. It was super awkward but me and Estella were feeling nice that day; we were even sporting enough to do the 'Moe Moe Kyun Kyun' move with them. Embarrassing? Yes, but hey, its a Maid cafe, you shouldn't be surprised and the other guys they served seem pleased as well.

In addition, the cafe actually went an extra mile by providing live entertainment. That's right, the Maids and Butlers themselves had actually came together and put up performances. The showcase was awesome and there were also chances to win a pair of Golden Village movie tickets. All the guests had to do was come up on stage and dance. We were tempted to go up for the tickets but we couldn't bear the embarrassing stares while attempting to dance. Two guys eventually man up, went on stage to dance and earn themselves those tickets. I decided to save them some face and not record their dancing.

(Photo: SGCafe) 

Fist up was a dance act by the maids, Jessica and Momo's performing the Viva Happy Dance. Theywere  really hyper during the performance which I think helped to lighten up the mood in the place a little. Later on, Gabriel and Toshiro sang a great song called Yume no Oibito no Symphony. Even though, Gabriel said he messed up, you really couldn't tell unless you're Japanese. His voice was awesome and we enjoyed the performance. I managed to record some, but I didn't bring my camera that day so the quality is a little sucky and I was multitasking at the tome so it's a quite shaky. I recommend listening with your earpiece or headphones on for a better audio. Nevertheless, do check them out!

Viva Happy Dance - Jessica & Momo

Yume no Oibito no Symphony - Toshiro & Ritsu

Dear...Burning My Lady - Toshiro

Melancholic - Ritsu

During the performance, we noticed a drink menu and the pretty Estella was tempted by the 1-for-1 drink special. So she ordered 2 glasses of wine, one Pierre Jean Merlot and one Kaiken Malbec. She was really happy since it was only $14. We eventually started craving for some dessert and asked if there was a cake menu we could look at. Initially, we were told that we could only order the items form the cafe menu but one of the staff eventually told us that the boss allowed additional orders and gave us the menu. We happily ate the Dessert of the day which was Walnut brownie and ice cream. Just what we needed. 

Pierre Jean Merlot
Kaiken Malbec

Chocolate Walnut Brownie with Ice cream plus strawberry, raspberry and a little cocoa powder. Yums.

During one of our conversations, we played this silly quiz thing where Estella actually asked me some questions which have some sort of hidden meaning behind them Kinda like a personality quiz. I just said the first thing that came to my mind without much thought and it was seriously hilarious. We even asked butlers Gabriel and Toshiro to try the quiz. Their answers were really surprising and funny. You can try it out too. Here's the list of questions and click on the spoilers only after you have answered the questions for the fun factor. The hidden meanings will be shown once you click on the button so be sporting and answer the questions truthfully.

1) Imagine you're walking through a forest; what's the first animal that you see?

2) You walk further into the forest; what's the second animal that you see?

3) As you walk out of the forest, there is a house; how many windows do you see?

4) Further out a stream can be seen; whats the rate at which it's flowing? (From 1 to 10, 1 being still water)

5) Nearby the house there is a lake; how many swans do you see?


In case you were wondering, my answers were as follows:

1) Imagine you're walking through a forest; what's the first animal that you see?


2) You walk further into the forest; what's the second animal that you see?


3) As you walk out of the forest, there is a house; how many windows do you see?


4) Further out a stream can be seen; whats the rate at which it's flowing? (From 1 to 10, 1 being still water)


5) Nearby the house there is a lake; how many swans do you see?



Yes, my answer was quite funny. And well, of course, I don't believe in these things but these type of games are always fun like that. Can't wait to try it out on my other friends. You'll never know what to expect from their answers. I shall not disclose Gabriel and Toshiro's answers for privacy sake. That, and I'm nice.

Once we were satisfied and felt that we've stayed long  enough, we took our leave but of course,not before spamming photos. We were only able to catch most of the performances on stage as we left earlier around 5pm. But we were satisfied with the event and decided to take our photos and relax at the garden before we head off. How can we leave such a beautiful place without any selfies? HAHA. Most of the photos are a little overexposed though.The lighting was really bad during the day. I think it would have been more stunning during the night. But anyway, I shall begin the photo flood now. Weeee!!!!

Super love the green grass patch flooring! 
Boots & Heels.
With the Bliss House Prince.
With the Bliss House Princess

The sun is seriously... okay this wasn't the best angle to take.
There's a pretty fountain right by the bridge too.

I seriously think this place is really a good option to hold a wedding.. hmm, okay maybe an engagement dinner. It might not be big enough for a wedding. We weren't able to tour the living room though cause that's  where the staff were resting and practicing for the performance. Oh and we were able to take a selfie with our butler before we left. My face was seriously cui by then since I couldn't find and touch up my makeup. Plus, I keep sitting at the wrong position cause the light is like really glaring and shining on me. So the photos look kinda overexposed. Oh but whatever.

Selfie with Butler Gabriel

There were also free photo prints sponsored by Canon. So we took a shot. It is free after all. And I can't deny my free stuff. It was great meeting Gabriel and hopefully we'll meet again at Cosfest XIII later this year. #canonmoments #lovethisgreatshot

Super love this shot but I think it would be more gorgeous at night when you can really see the lights glow in the evening sunset light.

Overall, we had a good experience at SGCafe's Maids & Butlers Cafe despite it being its first cafe event. But of course, there's always a little something that can be improved on. Just a simple feedback - Love the location and the ambiance. Food was great but needs more variety. Performance wise was entertaining but can be improved in terms of stage presence and customer interactivity. Maybe consider different prizes not only movie tickets. Games could be simpler instead of dancing, maybe a quiz about Japan or SGCafe for example. Service from maids and butlers was excellent though a fair amount of both maids and butlers present would be good. Well, that's just my point of view.

Anyway, do look out for more events by SGCafe. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for more awesome event like these and can't wait for more wonderful experience. Do check out out their Official Site or like them on their Facebook page. Also, do give Bliss House theme restaurant a visit. You can check out their Main site or Facebook for details.

 Bliss House Singapore

Bliss House Singapore
Phone:  (65) 6225 5532


We're open 1200pm till 11pm
Monday - Sunday

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21,
The Central, Singapore 059817

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