Wednesday, 5 February 2014

SGCafe's First Maid & Butler Cafe Guide

The details have been confirmed! You heard right people; SGCafe will be holding its very first maid and butler cafe this Saturday, 8 February 2014. is an interactive community forum and website which discusses and updates on Japanese related cultures or subcultures be it local events and anime news updates from Japan. I usually check out the Cosplay forum cause I can get really useful info on where to buy quality stuff and learn helpful tips on cosplaying. This is especially great for beginners or first time cosplayers. Of course, there are other sections on the forum as well such as gaming, anime, Japanese fashion, Japanese food and the list goes on. Often, you can find like-minded people who share a passion, love and enthusiasm for all things Japanese. Many usually make friends here and end up attending events together. So if you feel that you can't find someone to accompany you to such events, this would be a nice option to consider. I definitely understand how sad it can be to attend an event alone or with someone who doesn't really appreciate and enjoy the same stuff as you do.

It kinda feels like you're out playing alone sometimes.

Anyway, as I was saying, this event will be held at the the Bliss House restaurant located at The Central, Clark Quay. The Bliss House is a very sophisticated, classy and mesmerizing themed restaurant with beautiful garden-like setting. It seems like one of those expensive looking restaurants that you wouldn't really step in unless you just got your pay type. However, it's one of the reasons that I'm attending. I mean when will I ever step into such a restaurant again. Plus, a beautiful setting would also lead to great photo opportunities.

I actually went to check out their usual menu prices. Depending on what you order, the prices are just slightly above average but I'm sure their European dishes are on par to that. Luckily, if you're going for the event, your ticket actually covers the food price of $25 which is mainly a pasta choice of Penne Mushroom Alfredo or Penne Chicken Pomodoro with a side of Corn Soup and the Bliss Drink of the week.

Sample food

And of course, the cafe won't be complete without cute maids and charming butlers to serve us. There was large turnout for the auditions but only 8 were selected. Among the selected few, there consists some of the previous members from the EOY Doki Doki Hearts Cosplay Cafe team last December. While I wasn't able to try the cafe there last time, I've heard many good reviews regarding it though. Hopefully, the hospitality service will be up to the Anime Fest Standard. I'm not expecting too much since it's a first from SGCafe.

Two of the maids: Incy and Tsuki

The event will be held from 11am to 6pm which is surprisingly long, featuring a performance from the maids & butlers as well as a photo contest with a prize sponsored by Canon. Yes, that's any big reason I'm attending, -a chance at winning something from Canon. hehe. So what are you waiting for? I've already gotten my ticket, how about you? Click the link below to register and get your tickets now! Right now there's even a $5 discount. You can pay through Paypal or bank transfer, whichever is convenient for you. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice my Chinese New Year visiting plans to attend the event but I'll definitely be glad to see other people like me and the SGCafe staff too. See you all there!

Here's the official promo video:


For more info on the event you can visit the SGCafe website or like them on their Facebook page.

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