Saturday, 11 January 2014

Officially 20

Yes people. Its official. I'm 20 years old now. It's both a yay and a nay. Well, mostly a nay because despite being 20 I still have a curfew. (Uh-huh, I have a curfew, don't be too surprised.) Plus, once you're no longer a teen, you have to start growing up and take on more responsibilities. One of my guy friends actually told me to start paying for my own bills on my birthday which I obviously won't. At least, not till I have a stable job and income. haha. And, yeah, I should probably try helping out with the housework since I don't do chores like at all. Call me a spoilt brat or whatever, but I like to think that I'm just well-loved by my family.

Anyway, I had a pre-celebration dinner with my family the day before my birthday. This year, we decided to revert back to our old tradition of eating at Pizza Hut. I've been celebrating my birthday at Pizza Hut for years except for the previous year where we had seafood instead. Why I didn't have seafood this year? Well, let's just say my sensitive stomach can't comprehend my love for seafood. I was stuck at home with a tummy ache for days the last time.

My hair is so cray cray nowadays.

Before I met up with the family, I decided to be a nice friend and accompany XT of to her job interview at Tanjong Pagar. The main office of my current workplace is in the area too so we had no trouble finding the place. We were early so we decided to crash at Coffee Bean awhile. Soon, XT left for her interview at the building next door and I waited for her at Coffee Bean, having a much needed Mocha Latte. It didn't take long apprently and she got the job. Congrats babe!

I eventually left to meet my parents. I was kinda in a sour mode though because when I had reached Jurong Point, no one was there yet. Daddy was still at work. Mummy was still at home getting ready and aniki was sleeping away. In the end, I tried to buy some time by window shopping and looking at presents to buy for myself. Wanted to buy this ESPIRIT bag I saw 2 days ago. It was $80plus but they were having a 50% sale so it was only $40plus. I didn't get my allowance yet at the time so I tried hiding the bag somewhere in the store. It was the last piece too and unfortunately, my hiding skills weren't good enough cause it was gone when I came back for it. Sigh. Unsatisfied, I tried looking for similar bags but nothing seemed to scream at me to buy it. So yeah, I was feeling pretty shitty. I guess I didn't window shop long enough though since they still weren't there yet. So much for meeting at 5pm. I eventually got tired and found a seat at the basement while waiting. We finally met up at 7pm but my bro still wasn't here. So at Pizza Hut, we had our usual corner seat and ordered without him first. Had my usual - Meat Galore pizza, Sweet & Spicy chicken drumlets, Spicy Seafood Parchment and I decide to try the new Truffle Mushroom instead for going for the usual Beef Lagsane.

I look like a glutton here. haha.

Daddy wanted to emphasize his slice of pizza. lol.

My lazy-ass brother eventually woke up, showered and came halfway through dinner. He still got the cheek to say, " How can you all order without me? " in that whiny voice. Seriously feel like punching him then and there. He's lucky I was busy stuffing myself with food. And yes, I did get chubbier. I've been eating out a lot recently since Christmas, making it no surprise that I must have put on weight. I just started work too and I tend to eat more after work. I had 3 Onigiri  that day which is quite fattening.

My annoying aniki

This is a super candid shot. You can actually see my teeth here!

With my loving parents.

Thanks so much to my daddy for forking the bill. I managed to control my appetite and not over-order this time. No cake this time, because I really didn't feel like having the usual Prima Deli Choco Fudge cake and Haagen-dazs ice cream tub. This is definitely a simple nice enough way to celebrate my birthday. Plus, I'm sure my uni friends bought a cake for later's lesson. They're not very good at keeping it a surprise. haha.

My in-denial face. "I'M 20?!! NOOO...!!" 

I'm 20?! Hell no.I'm still in denial about my age. Been claiming to still be 19 because I was born in the night. Say what you want but the kid in me will never die. hehe. Cheers to never growing up!

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