Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014: Thoughts on the New Year

Its 2014. Well, there's a lot of things on my mind. Many little things I've reflected and many little things I aim to accomplish for this upcoming year. First on my list is to stop disappointing people around me. I've pretty much screwed up my education by not getting into a local university and pretty much let down my family and once again prove that I can never be as smart as my brother. Plus, private university fees can be such a burden. Anyway, for this year, I wanna get my priorities straight and manage my time better. Especially between school, work, blogging and events. My birthday is coming and I really just hope for something simple and meaningful for my special day. As I turn 20, I want to be a mature person and start growing up cause I'm no longer a kid. I want to work twice as hard and take my exams with the proper amount of preparation and not 1 month of intense study like I previously did. On a brighter note, there's stuff I wanna do like go to Taiwan with my best friends at the end of the year, make money for myself to help pay off my school fees and be a healthier person. I hope to take writing more seriously too and gain new experiences. 

I wanna play with a sparkler really badly now. haha.

Well, to all the people I may have annoyed, hurt or caused inconveniences to in any way, I apologize from the bottom of heart and hope you will be able to forgive me and look past that. Lets keep moving forward and stop regretting over what could have been. Cheers to a better,brighter,bolder and beautiful future! 
Happy New Year guys!!

Recently, I'm relating to this song a lot. Plus, Avril Lavigne and Nickleback's Chad is a strangely great combo. Oh and if you haven't noticed, I changed my blog header and profile picture in commemoration of the new year. Teehee..

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