Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Itacho Sushi: Blue Fin Tuna Festival 2014

Itacho Sushi, a Hong Kong restaurant chain, once again held its annual Blue Fin Tuna Festival but this time at JCube. The event is held to celebrate the New Year and features the traditional Japanese fish cutting ceremony. This year, a giant wild blue fin tuna weighing almost 95 kg worth $35,000 (the money!!!) was flown in from the auction held at the Tokyo. It's actually the 2nd best blue fin tuna in the auction, the number 1 being the 230 kg fish which was sold for $89,000!

I'm really short so I could'nt get a good view
Here's a better photo taken from soshiok.com. Credits to them.

On 6 Jan (Last Monday), I actually had the chance to attend the event with my friends after school. I mainly came down for the 100 pieces of free sushi they were giving out of course. Who wouldn't want a taste of that awesome tuna?! Blue fin tuna is so expensive at any Japanese restaurants. They're sold for like $30 a piece. Yes, a small piece! That's what you call top-grade fish. And I will fight for the free sushi if I have to. Okay, I'm starting to sound very auntie here. But you get the point. If was during the lunch break period from 12.30pm to l.30pm. So I wasn't expecting much a crowd but I was shocked to see quite a lot of people already surrounding the area when I got there. They were mainly made up of a whole bunch of auntie and uncles and some working adults hoping to get some free sushi during their lunch break I presume. 

Lucky  news crew gets to to capture everything up close. Unfair.
Lots of people blocking my view despite being near the front. :(
Finally can somewhat see the fish.

The event officially kicked off with the spectacular Taiko Drum performance. It's not my first time seeing such a performance but it was still a mesmerizing one. Check out the performance below.  (Video is not mine)

Can you spot me and my friends? We're actually in the crowd. (Photo by JCube) 

After the performance, the chefs began cutting the Wild Bluefin Tuna and wow, did it look tasty. I've never seen a live fish cutting. It was really cool to see a bunch of guys trying to cut the tuna. They even used a saw for convenience.

Cutting out the first layer of tuna. Yums!
Removing the bone.
Yes, they actually had to saw through this big fish. (Photo by ST)

Finally after much waiting and pushing and shoving and squeezing desperately in line, I can we were around the first 50 to have a free taste of the Bluefin Tuna Sushi on the spot. And yes, IT'S SUPER DELICIOUS! 
本当においしい ~!!

Satisfying Sushi

 But of course, one piece isn't exactly filling no matter how yummy it was. In fact, since it was so yummy it triggered our appetite for some Japanese food. Itacho Sushi was also having a promotion - 50% of Salmon Sashimi. Those who attended the event or happen to be in the area would receive a voucher which entittles you to another piece of Bluefin Tuna free with a min $10 purchase. So we went to eat there. However, they weren't done preparing the tuna -which was what we really came for, and were told to come back at 6pm. Unfortunately, we were really hungry and its only 1.30pm. No way am I straving till 6pm. In the end, we went to Westgate and ate at Kinoshita for a simple Japanese meal.

Later, Louis headed home and I went to XT's place to play with the rabbits and collect my souvenirs from her Korean trip. Omg, I think I'm starting to fall in love with rabbits/ bunnies now. They are so adorable. Her sister actually named the rabbit's kids after the music group One Direction. Sadly, Liam died. Anyway, I was happily chasing them and trying to attempt to feed them. I think I fell for Niall. He's so cute and black! He likes to sniff my boots too. GAH I REALLY WANT A PET. But my parents say they can't handle seeing an animal pass on.( My hamster passed away a while back.) If I ever could, I would have a cat though. hehe.

Speaking of cats, the cat cafe has just opened last Christmas in Singapore! Neko no Niwa is a cat cafe which is basically like a normal cafe except that you get to interact with cats that roam freely about in the room. This is really a great experience if you love getting up close with animals and it can be pretty relaxing. I mean, don't you wanna play with cat, feed it or hug it to sleep? I sure do. I can't wait to go. Trying to get my brother who loves cats as much as I do to come with me soon. So all you cat lovers out there, do visit Neko no niwa located at Boat Quay. For more info on the charges and the cafe cats, visit their Official Site, like their Official Facebook page or simply follow them on Instagram!

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