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BABYMETAL: Live in Singapore

I'm sure I mentioned before that I got a pair of free tickets to BABYMETAL's concert courtesy of teens magazine. Thank you for such a great Christmas gift! Anyway, I scored 2 General Admission tickets worth $88 each. Their first overseas concert was right here in Singapore which was held at the Ground Theatre, *SCAPE on 28 Decemeber 2013. When I first receive the news about getting free tickets, I was so happy that I was literally jumping for joy. I even burst into my brother's room and woke him up to share the good news. Unfortunately, he was working night shift on the day of the concert and wouldn't be able to go with me. So I brought one of my besties, Monika along even though she wasn't a big fan like I was. I first got to know them at the Anime Festival Asia 2013, where I went for their music showcase and there was something really unique about this group that really drawn me in.

My free tickets!
BABYMETAL is a Japanese metal vocal dance group. However, unlike any regular metal group, their music is actually a combination of J-pop idol music and heavy metal. They are widely known for their "kawaii metal" music and their trademark death fox sign which is also what appealed to me. Their songs consist of catchy dance beats but still had the edge of gritty metal band music which keeps us headbanging for more.


BABYMETAL with the band
Formed in 2010, the band is relatively new and is made up of the 3 young amazing girls, SU-METAL, MOA-METAL and YUI-METAL. SU-METAL is the main vocalist of the group while MOA-METAL and YUI-METAL normally perform the screams/chants. They also have an accompanying live band sometimes known as BABY BONE.  The trio are also belong to the idol group Sakura Gakuin but they act as a sub-unit as BABYMETAL. Many are skeptical about minors doing metal songs, but I think that brings out their individualism even more.

Do check out their songs!

Anyway, the concert was super awesome. The turnout for the concert was great. We bought the concert t shirts and I was lucky to grab the last S size shirt! Too bad for all the other people in line behind me. After a long grueling wait, the doors finally open and with our hands chopped, we finally went in. The place is pretty small just as I remembered. I came here for the SCANDAL concert previoulsy too. Well, anyway, the VIP area had seats layed out which was kinda weird since this was a metal concert with a live band and all. Not some orchestra performance. You don't actually expect people to be seated while headbanging in such a concert. So it was really inappropriate.. Some were stunned to see the seats too.

The chop was the Sozo ghost logo. SO CUTE!
Besides that, the concert was pretty awesome. They actually showed original BABYMETAL video animation as an introduction in relation to the songs they would perform. It was something really entertaining and unexpected. The girls soon appeared in their kawaii gothic punk outfits and the band was dressed in one of their crazy skeleton outfits. Nice! For the rest of the concert, I was headbanging and jumping non-stop, waving my lightstick everywhere. Everyone was super high. There were times when I actually hit the guy in front of me. Sorry dude! There was a really enthusiastic bunch that suddenly broke out in a headbanging dance which shocked the people around them, including me. haha. After they played like 10 songs, the crowd started screaming for an encore. "ANKO-RU! ANKO-RU!" -Thats how we say encore in a Japanese accent. Eventually they came out and performed 2 of  personally my favourite songs. The video introduction was seriously hilarious. They did a Singapore related one saying the the Merlion god has come to help BABYMETAL in the metal revolution or something. Epic stuff. Someone managed to catch a photo of it, even though cameras weren't allowed. Here's a little sneak peek on what went down.

Before the concert. See the people seated at the VIP area? Weird huh.

Merlion! (Image does not belong to me)

At the concert. (Image does not belong to me)

Not at Singapore. But just wanted to show you the costume the band wore. (Image not mine)

Concert Set List:
2. Kimi ga Anime ga mitai (Answer for animation with you)
3. Ii ne!
4. Onedari Daisakusen
5. Give me Chocolate (New Single)
6. Uki Uki ★ Midnight
7. Akatsuki
8. Catch me if you can
9. Headbangerrr!
10. Doki Doki  Morning

1. Megitsune
2. Ijime, Dame, Zettai (No more bullying)

With Monika. Shag after concert.

Loving the shirt. \m/

After the concert, we went to take a rest at Cine. Bought my favourite Pokka Melon Milk while Monika had the Strawberry one and some sushi. The songs and dance moves are super catchy and easy to follow. Me and Monika kept humming their songs after the concert and even on our way home. "HEADO BANG! HEADO BANG! BANG BANG BANG BANG!" This was stuck in my head when we went window shopping at Japanese brand shop, Dripdrop and Lowrysfarm at Somerset after the concert.
Overall, super fun day! Special thanks again to teensmag sg for the tickets.


Right now, I'm anticipating the release of their first official album on 26 February 2014 which also features their old singles as well as new songs. You can now pre-order their debut album which comes in two editions - the regular edition and the DVD edition. The DVD edition, of course, include the music videos and live stage performances. Click the links below to order.

BABYMETAL Regular Edition: Click HERE!!

For more info on the band, like their official Facebook page - BABYMETAL FB or follow their unofficial fansite - BABYMETAL site. If you can read and understand jap then visit their officail site - BABYMETAL official.

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