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The Makeup Expiration Guide

Many women own heaps of makeup products, just like I do. However, very few women realize that such products have a limited useful shelf life and expire. Perhaps it is time to spring-clean and throw them out. Using expired makeup can lead to serious skin irritation, breakouts and infection due to bacteria accumulated over time.

Here, 18M basically means it has a lifespan of 18 months/1.5 years

Reading the Expiration Label
While the FDA does not require cosmetic companies to provide expiration dates on beauty products, a few brands do list them anyway. Similar to food labels, some cosmetics have the expiry date printed on the package. Others have symbols such as the open lid logo, letters or numbers. The open lid means the expiration date applies once the product is opened or the seal is removed. The letter is usually “M” for month or “Y” for year. Hence, if “6 M” is spotted on the product, it means that it will last up to or good for use for 6 months after it has been opened.

Life span: 3 months
Signs: As soon as you notice it getting clumpy or smells strange, get rid of it!
Tip: To prevent your mascara expiring faster than its fresh date, do not pump the wand in and out excessively or unnecessarily – you are only exposing the product to drying air.

Lifespan: 6 months (Liquid), 2 years (Pencil)
Signs: Liquid eyeliners present the same concerns as mascara, so they should be replaced once it is clumpy, dry or smells.
Tip: Sharpen your pencil liner with each use to keep it fresh.

Lifespan: 2 years
Signs: Expired powders tend to be more dry and flaky than new ones.
Tip: Invest in a cosmetic sanitizer and brush shampoo! Cleaning your makeup and tools on a regular basis will help prevent both bacteria growth and breakouts.

Lifespan: 6 to 12 months
Signs: Check if it has separated into layers or the colour has changed. It could be time to get a new one!
Tip: Keep your foundation/concealer out of sunlight. UV rays can destroy preservatives which will make your products spoil faster.

Lipstick/Lip gloss
Lifespan: 2 years (Lipstick), 1 year (Lip gloss)
Signs: If you notice your lipstick has become dry or your gloss is extra sticky, they have most likely gone bad.
Tip: Testing out shades at the makeup counter is totally fine but NEVER apply directly from the tube. Ask a sales associate to disinfect it for you first then apply with a disposable applicator.

Nail Polish
Lifespan: 1 to 2 years
Signs: If the polish is extra goopy or has separated into layers and will not blend after a quick shake, it is time to toss it out.
Tip: Next time you are in the beauty aisle, grab a nail polish thinner which is a cheap and convenient way to increase the longevity of your favourite polish.

Stick with these tips for a healthy beauty routine – your skin will thank you for it!


Actually, I did this article a while back for my school magazine REV. But recently, a few of my friends were asking me about the expiry of various makeup products, so I decided to share this here. You can also find this article as well as a makeup tutorial I did in under the beauty section of the REV magazine.

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