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Swap and Shop Flea market @ JCube

Last Saturday: 7 Decemeber

As a loyal follower of Kife Wee, a blogger and also an Atelier Royale Butler, I happened to find out about an event happening at JCube. It's basically a giant flea market with not only gushcloud bloggers setting up stalls but renowned blogshops and as well Mediacorp artistes such as Jade Seah were there. My parents have also recently decided to start giving me an allowance after much begging and complaining on my side. Even though I only get $50 EZ-link card money and a $100 spending money a month, I'm still grateful because it's still better than nothing. So yeah, the flea was a perfect place for me to splurge wisely. Clothes were selling like at 3 for $5 and brand new clothes were selling for less than $15. Plus prices are super negotiable. My besties, XT and Indah tagged along too.

Official Poster

Gushcloud Bloggers

Anyway, one of the reasons I went was to support lekifesale which is basically a booth shared by Kife, his sister Clair, his friend Caroline and fellow Atelier Royale butler & Gushcloud blogger, Hellven. They had created an instagram account featuring some of the items that would be selling and I happened to come across this beautiful Lolita dress that Caroline wore. I wanted to try my luck on getting a cheaper price for it. I already have 2 Lolita dresses but not as outstanding as this one. My blue one cost me $100++ while my white one was $79. Both were bought at Kizz Lisa which only sells one size one piece for all items. So yeah I somewhat understood why it way pricey. The goddess sandals I bought there was $80 too. But there was only one pair for each size. On the bright side, it means it's unique and it's shipped direct from Japan. I seriously don't like it when someone owns the same thing as me.

Lolita dress worn by Caroline

We went to the flea at around 1pm but it was already so crowded and most of the time we had to squeeze our way through. There more booths than expected. We decided to do a 'one walk over' which basically means looking at all the booths first. Then, going to booths that sold items that caught your eye. There was alot of nice things but only a few that really screamed at me to buy it. After our 'one walk over', I happened to see Hiroshi- I mean Hellven and went to his booth. I immediately went to see the Lolita dress. I kept tugging at the dress, speculating if I should buy it or not. Indah and XT wanted me to buy the more slutty looking one. -.-"

Anyway, while pondering over it, Hiroshi came over and entertained me. Telling me how perfect it is for cosplay and while I looked calm and cool on the outside, I was pretty much fangirling on the inside. He is just so good-looking! So he was pretty much persuading me to get it but of course, I still did not fall for his boyish charm and shamelessly ask for a discount. Sorry but my cheapo personality is stronger. I asked for $60 but he said Caroline would give it to me at $75. But it was still out of my budget. I was aiming for lower. So I tried my luck at bargained again. This time, she said she would sell it to me at $70. 

Then, Kife came along and joined in in an attempt to convince me. He said he would even give me a free gift. Considering it, I asked what the free gift was. Unfortunately, it was only a ' I  Phuket' shirt. I blatantly told him that I haven't even been to Phuket and Hiroshi was excitedly saying how awesome Phuket is. XT and Indah were not helpful, they just kept telling me to buy or get my brother to pay. But it's bad enough that my bro is already paying for all my cosplay outfits. I really shouldn't burden him anymore. Then, Indah suddenly "accidentally" said out loud; "Oh just buy la. They are your two favourite butlers leh!!" OMG, SO EMBARRASSING TO THE MAX. Now my reputation and image was just ruined. Right in front of them too! I so did not want anyone to know that I am quite a fangirl especially not them. My siren image just diminished right there and then. Confronted Indah about it and turns out she did that on purpose. She wanted to expose me as a fangirl. So mean!

In the end, I decided to call my mum and ask her for advice- and if she wanted to sponsor me the dress. haha. Hiroshi chimed in and mentioned that he will talk to my mum and persuade her. haha, why so cute? My mum told me to just buy it and that she will pay for it. She already expected that I wanted it when I show her the picture before. Yay! 

How I'm like in front of Hiroshi aka Hellven.

But even so, I still try for one last bargain and was able to purchase it at $68. That's right, I was able to haggle from $80 to $68. hehe. Kife even throw in some korean Vanedo facial masks. His sister even asked, " Wah, why you put in so many facial masks?" So nice!

XT was impressed with Kife height and so I shamelessly asked him for her, how tall he was. He said he was 182 i think. So tall! I'm not even 160 please. I wanted to take picture with them actually, but I was too darn shy and my siren image can't take anymore damage. But oh I so wanted to take a selfie with Hiroshi at least. Sigh sigh.

Afterwhich I bought a dress for $8 and a jumpsuit for $15. The jumpsuit is actually $25 but it's from a blogshop. The owner gave us $10 voucher which we can use on the spot if we liked their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram. Furthermore she gave discounts on our items. XT also bought this army vest which was actually $30 but she got it for $15. So basically, instead of paying $55 in total we only paid $30, and best part- it's freaking BRAND NEW!

This was what I bought

The blogshop is called dreadrey.
Follow their Insatgram @dreadreythemisfits & check out their store!


Eventually we left the flea as Indah had to head off for work. XT and I went to explore Westgate after she left. Westgate is a Capitaland mall that just opened and is linked with Jem. I think Jurong East is starting to become like Tampines with 3 malls - JCUBE, JEM & Westgate. Well, it's 4 malls if you include IMM. It's pretty nice with a half open air concept at one block like Star Vista. There was live music and lots of sales going on. Westgate has a really nice balance of shops consisting of both high-end luxury stores as well as your residential brands. 

One of the shops that was a plus point for me was ROYCE. Now I no longer have to travel to town just for these awesome chocolates. There was really alot of sales, I think we were getting tired and didn't have time to explore all of the shops. However, we came across Rubi and they were having a super sale. Slippers were selling 2 for $10 and yeah we ended up buying. Even shoes were selling like 2 for $20 and heels at 2 for $30. Cheap cheap, I like!

I needed to buy my birthday present on behalf of my mum at SEPHORA. Thus, we went to JEM as well. We were pretty hungry and tired so decided to eat some ice kachang at Kampung Sayang. The ice kachang was $4 but it's so worth it. The taste does not dissappoint. They were generous with the milk and syrup and atap seed and all. What I love most is the chendol and gula melaka taste. Not many regular ice kachang has this combination. 

Anyway, at Sephora, browse through all the products and eventually found the makeup setting spray I was looking for. But I decided to buy it some other time. I bought what I came for which is basically a makeup academy palette which costs $69. Its a Christmas sale and so worth. I've been eyeing it for a while now and my said that that would be my mum said she'll get it as my birthday present. My birthday is next month, so my mum told me not to use it and keep it in the box till my actual birthday. Its so pretty, can't wait to use it. 

It consists of primer, concealer ,blusher, gloss, eyeshadow and so on!

Inside the box

The swatches with mirror and brushes included.

Isn't it beautiful! Feeling so blissed now. hehe. After shopping, I met up with my parents and we went to eat at Mr Teh Tarik. The food was surprisingly good on such a rainy day.We had mee goreng seafood, mee hong kong seafood and fish porridge. So delicious and cheap! My kind of food. I wish I had more money to shop, my shopping needs not satisfied. H&M having sale too. Jeans at $19.90! But overall, it's been a good day!

Loots of the day

In other news, the annual End-of-Year Cosplay Festival will be on Sunday, 15 Decemeber at Marina Barrage. I will be attending of course, but I won't really be cosplaying that day mainly because I'm not in a cosplay mood and Marina Barrage can be really hot. So, I'll be more Japanese that day, wearing my new Lolita dress instead. I think there's alot more stuff that will be going on at the event this year as they manage to get quite a number of sponsors this time round. Looking forward to it. Hopefully, I'll still look good despite not cosplaying.

For more details on EOY Cosfest, visit their official site.

EOY Cosplay Festival

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