Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Makeover @ BHG Bugis

I was browsing through my Instagram feed and happened to see a post by the fabulous Kellykonomi regarding a makeover event she's doing at BHG Bugis. In her post, she mentioned that her followers/ readers are open to sign up for her makeover session. However, there were limited slots and it was on a first come first serve basis. Luckily, I immediately emailed her after seeing the post and was able to secure a timeslot with her for the makeover. Yay! I just love free stuff, even if it's a makeover. It was pretty last minute though, but thankfully, one of my besties, Nadiah was able to accompany for the event.She had just ended her A Level exams and I think it's been months since I last saw her.

My plain bare face and unstyled hair before.
We had a great catch-up session at Macdonalds before rushing to BHG Bugis. Apparently, I was late. I wasn't too sure. My time slot was 7.45pm but I ended up being the last model for the day. The others must have come earlier than their allocated slot. So I had to wait for the girl before me to finish her makeover. The girl reminded us of our other bestie, Monika. She had some Japanese features just like Monika and the same short jet black hair and even the dressing style. I didn't notice the similarities until Nadiah pointed it out. Kellykonomi is so Japanese, like a kawaii doll. Very pretty and child-like in real life. She looks so young!

Anyway, after about 1 hour it was finally my turn. I meet-and greet Kellykonomi first before taking my seat. She remembered my name surprisingly. Initially, I felt quite awkward during the makeover as I had the urge to fidget or blink or touch my hair or swivel my chair. And no, I do not have ADD/ADHD. I was just nervous. Ahh, luckily, Kelly is really nice. She kept complimenting me until I feel so embarrassed. Tsk tsk. She said I had really great skin before applying makeup and  that I had pretty eyes and voluminous eyebrows during the makeup session. Even while doing my hair she said that I had a really small face although I personally feel that had a big round face because of my chubby cheeks. Anyway, here's the final outcome of the makeover session.

Bad lighting here.
Loving the skull dress my mum bought for me.
I don't know about you guys, but I seriously feel like a Japanese doll now. I look really different with makeup huh. My mum always told me I had the perfect face for makeup. haha. We took selfies using Kelly's phone and I get to keep my falsies as well. Waiting for the Japanese photographer guy to proccess the photos from the makeove and for Kelly to upload them. Will update the photos once they're up. After bidding our goodbye, Nadiah and I went looking at makeup at Sephora and dresses at New Look before heading home. Special thanks to her for accompanying me.

With Nadiah.
Sorry bad lighting here.
I've never really tried fake lashes before; only once for cosplay but that was only the top lashes. Lower lashes are amazing, they really enhance my eyes. And eyebrow mascara is truly magic. I'm definitely gonna buy false lashes and eyebrow mascara once I have money. Shall start saving up now. I want to dye my hair too. However, ever since my mum saw me in jet black hair, she insists that I can't dye any other colour except black. Apparently, she says it really looks good on me.

Palty' range of hair dyes.
Well, guess that means I just have to buy a Palty hair dye and do it myself since she won't sponsor me at the hair salon. Planning on colouring my hair honey brown or milk tea brown. Hmmm... I'm still thinking about it. But I'm definitely shying away from darker colours. I wanna try something slightly lighter.

Palty Honey Brown Colour
Palty Milk Tea Brown.
Right now, I'm looking through job adverts for my Christmas Holidays. I've applied for a few event roadshow helpers. One of them requires me to be in a Santarina costume. Probably in something like these ladies below wore.
(Image does not belong to me, taken off google)

I've also recently registered as a blogger for Leftfree where I can post articles related to travel, food, home reno, fashion or lifestyle. If my articles are selected to be placed in their e-magazine, I'll get paid up to $100 per article. I'll also receive partial revenue from the sales of the magazine. How awesome is that? So do support me once I've started posting articles there.

Then again, this is more of a casual job though which is why I'm still searching for a proper part-time job. School will be over for the year in the two weeks time. It's really hectic and I regret neglecting certain modules. Trying to do whatever I can for my coursework now. In fact, I shouldn't be blogging right now. I should be doing my work instead. But after I spent time on it, I tend to drift away to other things. Curse you short attention span.

This is what coursework does to me.
Alright, now I'm feeling incredibly guilty which means its time to block off my Wifi and concentrate on my work. Like right now. I should stop surfing the net. Anytime now. Well, maybe after an hour more. Gosh, I suck at this.

Do check out the kawaii KellyKonomi.

Kellykonomi.com ♪ Let's be pretty together

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