Monday, 30 December 2013

J Diary

Hello, I'm being a lazy bum cum procrastinator today; blogging instead of continuing on my coursework again. 2 weeks left and what the heck am I doing, neglecting my work again... It's just so hard. It's raining too and its totally the perfect atmosphere to chill-ax. I strangely feel like rolling on the floor with my comfy blankets and pillows.

What I feel like doing right now

Anyway, I wanted to share about this awesome channel that I stumbled upon recently on youtube. It is none other than J Diary. It's basically a network channel discussing Japanese content in terms of lifestyle, food, fashion, music and more. There are also coverage on Japanese related events such as the annual Natsu Matsuri. It's more of a Singapore context, e.g. discussing places to eat yummy J-food in S'pore which is a plus point for me. Because, it's not easy to find authentic Japanese stuff in Singapore and they're usually pricey too. I've been waiting for something like this and it's finally here; directed by the talented Yukie Shaw who is really well-known for her blog tokyomodeaddict. The show is hosted by her and features many popular bloggers such as Kelly, Miyake and Peishi. Plus, one of the recent videos is an exclusive interview with J-bands SCREW and D=OUT. How cool is that?

Here are some of my favourite episodes! Do support J Diary!

Plus, they have special reports on Japanese related events too.

Right now, they only have 9 episodes but do look forward to more stuff from them. Especially if you love all things Jap like me, do check out their channel! J Diary had an okashi giveaway recently too. And guess what? I won!! Yay! I was so ecstatic to see the email from Yukie-san. My Morinaga Choco Ball Puffs will be delivered sometime this week. Can't wait! They are organising a New Year okashi giveaway too.

Like them on their FB page -J Diary Facebook or follow them on Instagram -@jdiarychannel , for more details!

The skull marks what I won. hehe.

Speaking of which, Yukie-san is also hosting a Christmas X New Year giveaway on her blog. Visit her blog for more details on the awesome giveaway! Just click the image below.

 Go to Yukie Shaw's blog now!

Click below to view J Diary Videos:

 J Diary

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