Monday, 16 December 2013

EOY Cosfest 2013

Yesterday was End-of-Year Cosplay Festival 2013 @ Marina Barrage. This year, I was expecting better as there was more sponsors like Happy Ice and Brigitte that set up booths there as well. Plus, there was more booths this year and a proper program line up for the stage. I went last year's EOY and left disappointed as there was nothing much happening there. I mainly went for the cosplayers last time. This time, I didn't really feel like cosplaying mainly because of two reasons:
1) My brother was working and I don't like cosplaying alone
2) Marina barrage is 95% outdoors and it was really hot! -the other 5% being the seafood restaurant there.

My Yukata Lolita dress.
So instead I wore my brand new Lolita dress which I bought from #lekifesale at the Swap&Shop flea. Best buy ever. It's just perfect! I wanted to style my hair like with big curls and a hair accessories but despite waking up early, I was still in a hurry. It took quite a while to do my makeup too- sticking on my falsies was quite messy. I considered tying my hair up into a bun but I was conscious of how round my face looks. In the end, I dumped the bun idea and decided to just use styling mousse to create wavy curls towards the end. And, boy, did I regret it. It was scorching hot that my hair was all sweaty and flat and ugly. I had to retouch my makeup several times too since I was pretty much melting in the sun. I really hope the management would try changing the venue because marina barrage is not a very good location. If I had to, I would write a note like below to the organizers.

Dear EOY Cosfest Organizers,

Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful event. EOY Cosfest is one of the most highly anticipated events every year. However, for the sake of all cosplayers and guests, do consider a better venue for the event in years to come. I'm not asking for a fully air-conditioned exhibition hall at Suntec City but at least a venue that has a simple air conditioned function room for people to rest. Stage events can be held there as well. Examples of such locations would include Hort Park and Downtown East Many left the event earlier, unable to tolerate the weather. Plus, it is very taxing on cosplayers who go all out in their thick heavy costumes. What if someone faints from the heat. I'm not trying to complain. But do consider this idea of a better location for the welfare of both guests and cosplayers.

Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little but seriously, people were leaving due to the unbearable weather. Thank god, I had anticipated this problem and brought my fan which was a big help in maintaining my makeup. 

I bun my hair at first.
Decided to let down my hair.
I first met up with Monika and we visited her cafe since the cosplay cafe didn't seem all that worth it. The food served there was tempting though. Monika bought Gongcha before coming and later bought Nadiah a Matcha Crepe cake which was quite yummy and creamy. I'm not that big of a fan of green tea products though. We went around the booths afterwards but didn't buy anything cause it was kinda pricey. However, we did purchase some Hokkaido cream puff which was only $2.50 and tasted so heavenly. Definitely my food of the day. hehe.

It's been a while since I had my favorite Milk Melon Tea.

Trying out Nadiah's fish eye lens.

Besties Nadiah & Monika.
I wasn't expecting much photo opps since I wasn't dressed in any particular character. Just a regular girl in a Yukata Lolita dress. Well, apparently I was wrong. There were many photo taking sessions as usual with random people and even families taking photos with me. haha. I even had the rare opportunity of doing a live photo shoot where I had direction from the photographer and had to change pose every 5-10 minutes. The photo-shoot draw in a huge crowd so I was there for quite a while. It eventually ended when I ran out of poses. I had to come up with them on the spot since I didn't think my outfit would be well-received so I didn't prepared much. And now that I think about it some of my poses were pretty stupid.

Live photo-shoot.
Special thanks to the photographer Gary Wong for the photo-shoot. I was looking pretty terrible since I was dying from the heat and I wasn't able to touch up my makeup and my hair was freaking ugly. Despite all that, thanks so much for the opportunity. Been a while since I did a photo-shoot. Can't wait for the photos to be processed. Shall update this post when I get the photos.

The overwhelming photographers for one of my poses. Credits to Monika for the photos.

Hmm.. should I make a Coscard soon? A lot of people have been asking for mine but unfortunately, I don't have any made. I'm still an amateur though so maybe it's a little early to do one.

One last photo before we left. Exhausted us.
We were pretty exhausted and sweaty and hungry. Thus, we headed to City Hall for Macs. Luckily, I brought a change of clothes and was so relieved when I finally changed out of my sweaty clothes. One of lashes were falling apart too so I just removed both my lower falsies.

Me before leaving for the event.

Me after reaching home from the event. 
Yeah, as you can see I look slightly different in the before and after event photos. Before, my face was quite matte but after, my face is all oily and smudgy. My eyes were very dry too from the heat and I was wearing contacts.

Overall, it was a satisfying day. Not so much on the event but more on the cosplaying aspect and the great catch up session with my two besties. I guess I can put this dress as one of my cosplaying options huh. I wonder what I should cosplay next....


Photo Update. 

Event: EOY Cosfest 2013
Location: Marina Barrage
Costume: Yukata Lolita

Photo by: Gary Wong

Photo by: Gary Wong

Photo by: Gary Wong

Photo by: Gary Wong

Photo by: JadenCHR

Credits to the photographers for the great photos.
More photos to come....

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