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Skechers Bugis Store Opening Event

The past events have come and gone in a blink of an eye. On Day 1 of AFA13, I went to Suntec to purchase my tickets before meeting up with Karyn to attend the Skechers store opening event at Bugis. I think it's been a while since my last visit to Suntec, because, somehow, I ended up lost in Suntec for about an hour. Seemed like the place renovated or something as I couldn't recognize the walkways and turns. Strangely, the convention center is really far from the MRT station than I remembered. It was quite embarrassing getting lost in Suntec and had the weirdest experience during that 1 hour and was frantically asking for help from people.

Okay, so this was what happened. First off, the walk from City Hall MRT Station to Suntec is bloody long, Esplanade MRT is nearer. Next, I couldn't recognize the area and ended walking in circles until I checked the map and realize I was on the wrong level. Then, I saw a small escalator while walking on the 2nd level and could have sworn I saw a sign that said "Convention Center". So I went up this 'ulu' escalator and ended up at some exhibition place that looks pretty class and there were lots of people in suits and refreshments. So I was standing there like an idiot in my flowery dress until I took a second look around and notice a sign that said "Off Limits, for personnel use only" right beside the escalator I took. I was starting to get  strange stares from the ushers there so I frantically ran out of there and ended up back where I started; in the middle of nowhere.

A lost me feels like this.

Luckily, I saw a bunch of cosplayers and follow them. Eventually, I found the convention center. Unfortunately, I ran out of luck. Now, I couldn't find the ticketing counter. I took the escalator up thinking it was upstairs and stumbled upon some private cosplay photo/video-shoots. It was awkward max. I wanted to head down but sadly, the escalator going down was on the opposite end. Meaning, I had to interrupt the shoots and cross over. To avoid further embarrassment, I started looking for stairs or lifts on my end. I was able to find a lift at some corner. It was a dual door lift and I didn't know which floor to go to. So I randomly press a button. The lift door opened behind me to my surprise and guess where it was? That "Off Limits" place again! I quickly closed the lift door and somehow ended at the basement. Eventually, I found the ticketing counter which was actually on the first floor of the convention center but right at the end. There a was a super large board too and I have no idea how I could have possibly missed that.

I bought tickets for my brother and I, and for Sup as well. I was relieved to have finally bought the tickets. Well, at least until I realized I forgot to buy one for Indah one too. To save my face, Karyn helped me purchase the tickets. Phew!

We still had time to spare so decided to have try some desserts at Seventh Heaven at Orchard Central. It's basically a cozy-looking ice-cream shop with pillows. My kind of my place. Felt like eating something with nuts, so I went for the Nutty Party Parfait. The nuts and choco-chip ice-cream is pretty nice, but I think there was too much cream that I couldn't finish it in the end. Karyn ordered this Salted Caramel Apple Crumble  that looks and taste super delicious that kinda made me regret my dessert choice.

Anyway, after eating at Seventh Heaven, checking out Krispy Kreme donuts and window shopping at Far East Plaza, we finally started making our way to Bugis for the event. There was already a huge crowd when we arrived at the store. The store isn't one of the bigger outlets but the wide range of Skechers shoes are available there. I met up with the people there and was given my Skechers voucher. I was told that I could redeem any shoe I like up to $169 and that they would interview me later. Karyn and I then joined in the crowd and got busy looking at the different shoes. I'm not a very decisive person when it comes to shopping (especially when I'm not the one paying); usually when I can't decide between 2 things that I like, I just get both. No wonder I'm so broke these days. haha.

They actually put my photo and style designs on the voucher. How sweet!
Initially, I had planned to get a pair of running shoes since my current one was filled with holes. But most of the shoes were pink and despite being a girl, I'm one of the rare few that belong to the "I do not like pink" category. Don't get me wrong, pink is a nice colour but it somehow turns me off every time. Well, simply put its just not me. Karyn loved the pink though which did not help me make a choice at all. What a waste, I really love the bright coloured designs though. There was a baby blue one with minimal pink that I considered. However, despite how little the pink was, I just couldn't find it in myself to look past it.

Finally, I decided to go with a pair of casual high cut shoes from the Skechers Daddy's $ Money series. Denim plus studs plus high-cut plus hidden wedge equals to love. Seriously, it had all the things I like in a shoe. Karyn agreed that it was pretty too so that definitely confirmed my choice. Once my shoes were confirmed, I was told to be back by 8pm for the interview and stuff. We took the opportunity to window shop and I went looking at makeup. Speaking of makeup, Brigitte Cosmetics had just launched recently in Singapore. I bought a few of their products to try out and shall review them soon.

Anyway, back at the event, there was a photo opp with Skechers Ambassadors/Awesome Bloggers, Rachell Tan and Typical Ben. After that, it was pretty much photo taking.

With Karyn. Thanks for accompanying me!

With Rachell Tan & Typical Ben. Feeling inferior standing beside them.. (my phone quality sucks)


Unglam face during interview

Unglam face number 2

My somewhat satisfied face after interview

Formal shot with Skechers exec and the other blog winners.

Overall, a fun new experience; something I would definitely attend again given the chance. Thanks again to Nuffnang and Skechers SG for the invite. If you want to win a pair of Skechers shoes like I did, here's your chance. The 2nd round of the Skechers Footwear Blog contest is now open! Check out my post for ideas on what to do. Click HERE! See below for the official notice.

Contest Details

How to win your favourite pair of SKECHERS footwear?
All you gotta do is collage your favourite pair of SKECHERS footwear and tell us why this is suitable for your outfit!
You may also visit any one of their stores to take pictures of your favourite SKECHERS shoes too!
You can do either one!
It’s that simple right!
Get Inspired by our Round 1 Winners’ entries:
There will be 5 pairs to be won (each worth up to $169), so show us what you've got to win the SKECHERS footwear of your choice now!
Announcement of results will be updated on SKECHERS SG Facebook page.
1. "LIKE" SKECHERS Facebook Page.
2. Embed "Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS!" video in your blog entry.
3. Follow SKECHERS Singapore Instagram account.
Terms & Conditions:
1. Winners are not entitled to participate for Round 2 contest.
2. Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS! campaign is only applicable to Nuffnang Singapore bloggers.
3. All SKECHERS footwear mentioned in the blog entry need to be available in Singapore SKECHERS Concept Stores.
4. Non-exchangeable or returnable for cash, products or services.
5. While stocks last.
6. Winners will be notified via email for the collection of prizes.
7. Other terms and conditions apply.
SKECHERS Concept Stores:
Tampines 1 #03-02 Tel: 6260 2190
Jurong Point #01-16J Tel: 6795 7478
ION Orchard #B2-14 Tel: 6884 6567
Queensway #01-14 Tel: 6475 2515
Compass Point #01-21/22 Tel:  6388 7375
Nex Serangoon #01-32 Tel: 6634 4351
Parkway Parade #02-40/41 Tel: 6346 2556
Causeway Point #01-30 Tel: 6893 3901
The Clementi Mall #04-41/42 Tel: 6659 1822
Changi City Point #02-42 Tel: 6636 1078
VivoCity #02-13/14 Tel: 6270 4211
Raffles City #03-06/07 6338 3356
Jem #03-35 Tel: 6734 9678
Bugis Junction #02-18 Tel: 6336 8303
Opening Soon: Bedok Mall
Submit your permalink with your FULL nameemail and contact details in the form HERE by 24th November 20132359h!

Winners will be announced from 25th Nov – 1st Dec.

Start blogging and best of luck! ;)

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