Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Anime Festival Asia 2013

Okay, this post is long overdue but my schedule has been really packed recently. Almost all of my coursework is out and I have to submit them by 15 Jan. It's nearly December and there are still some modules I haven't even touch yet. Not to mention, with the recent launch of our school magazine REV, and other events like weddings and my Bursary Presentation Ceremony, it's been quite the hectic month.

Anyway, here it is. My late AFA13 post. 

For day 2, I cosplayed as One Piece's Trafalgar Law (Female Ver.) while my brother cosplayed as my crew-mate Shachi. Was late for the event as I had trouble putting on my contacts. It keep irritating my eye so I kept putting it in and taking them off multiple times. In the end, I decided to just heck it and leave the contacts out. I seriously have no idea why of all days, my contacts was being a bitch. 

My irritated eyes.
If you didn't notice, I actually sprayed my hair black here.

Anyway, that aside we wanted to go at 11 plus to catch Angie's special guest appearance on the Mini-stage. But we were super duper late despite my dad sponsoring our cab fare to Suntec since it took us about an hour to find a cab at our place. However, what I was really feeling guilty about was leaving Sup waiting for me at the event since I have his tickets. Luckily, he was cool about it and even offered to buy me lunch which I humbly declined of course.

Law and Shachi

We finally head inside around 1plus. After getting over our dissappointment of not bein able to catch Angie, we started our anime shopping. First off, we went hunting for my nodachi which is basically the sword that my charcater used. I didn't buymy sword online as I remembered it was cheaper at the exhibition. Phew, thank god I was right. After checking out a few sword shops, I settled for one which was $40 but I get another sword for free. It was really worth. I was so happy after I finally bought my sword. My cosplay felt complete.

Then, we continued our shopping spree. I bought SCANDAL's latest album STANDARD ($28), a One Piece's Marine shirt ($45), One Piece towel ($15), Gintama fan ($10) and more... We pretty much spent all our money in just a day. After all that walking, posing for photos and buying our goodies, we decided to take a break. There was free Nescafe which was really delicious and a KitKat corner. This year, there's actually a Japanese food corner with stalls selling various Japanese. The takoyaki  and curry smelled really good! Unfortunately, I was already out of money for the day. :(

Afterwhich, we went to the Mini-stage for the Yingtze Meet-and-Greet session but it hadn't started yet. On the other hand, we got to watch Asia Kawaii Way special feature. We were able to catch 217 and Miume perform. They're so pretty and they dance so well! They are just so cool! Someone was able to record their performance. Even though the quality is abit low, you can still see how awesome their dance is. The video is not mine, I'm just sharing. Do check it out!

Eventually, it was time for Yingtze meet-and-greet session. She is seriously talented. All her cosplay outfits are made from scratch. Its so much cheaper that way and you can easily alter it to your size. Sigh...if only I knew how to sew. Plus, her makeup is amazing and she has great body proportions. For one thing, she's tall and slim. Which  always reminds me that I need to workout more.

Sry for the blurry images. I was quite far from the stage and I'm short. :/
After that, we just went around checking out the various illustration booths where talented artist sell their own fanmade or original merchandise. Speaking of which, we were introduced to the original artist of  RWBY, a really great original animation series by Roosterteeth productions. Will talk more about it in a seperate post. So anyway, we also went to various photobooths as well as the photo are free. There's a lot of free photo prints this year.

Photo at Rakuten booth
Last but not least, we went to see BABYMETAL. They are super cute punk rocker-ish. I wasn't that big of a fan but I think I will soon beafter seeing them. We pushed through to get to the front of the stage. Everyone was like screaming and showing the band's trademark handsign. They're so awesome. My brother was impressed upon watching their live recordings on the screen. I was kinda disappointed that there was no music showcase as I had expected though.

Baby Metal. They are so punk cute!
Yuimetal, Sumetal and Moametal greeting the fans.
Yuimetal flashing the trademark BABYMETAL handsign.
After the whole thing, I treated my brother dinner. We went to Coffee Bean the restaurant. And I think that was one of the reasons I was broke the next day. Spent more than $50 there....

Oh and there was a big fuss that happened during the event. This random auntie confronted a female cosplayer saying that what she was wearing was indecent and all that. Alot of cosplayers including me were furious with the auntie. All she showed was a slight underboob. There were more revealing cosplays there such as the Hentai Kamen Rider cosplayer who only wore like a ball sack. Bloody auntie, why are you even at the event if you don't want see such thing. In fact, you shouldn't even been there if you can't understand and appreciate the art of cosplaying. Plus, she was a really good cosplayer. She pulled off the character brilliantly. That auntie thing better to do, go harass someone else please. She even called the police and the girl was taken in despite back-up from her friends. The poor girl was crying when she was hauled away by the officers. The auntie is the one that should be taken in for harassment and being a public nuisance, disrupting an event like that; making a super big deal out of nothing. I mean no one else is complaining, why should you? I'm sure the auntie will probably be shoved one side and be whacked by a bunch of cosplayers on the way home. No way she's leaving the place without at least some backlash from our side.

Opps... I think I got a bit sidetracked there for a moment. UGHH! But I'm just so pissed for that cosplayer's sake. Alright, I shall stop flaming that auntie here. You can find photos and details of the incident online or in the newspapers. I shall say no more.

Well, that pretty much marks the end of Day 2 at AFA13. Hopefully such an incident will not occur in the future.

End of day 2. I love my tattoos!

Initially, I planned to go alone to explore the place and do more event coverage stuff since I couldn't do so in my cosplay on Day 2. Oh and visit the cafe with Indah after her work. It's hard and weird to take photos of the event plus other cosplayers when you're also cosplaying. So, since my brother would be tired from night shift, I wanted to wear my Lolita dress and be an otaku girl for a day. However, my brother decided to go with me after work. Thus, I ended up cosplaying too with my brother being my assistant for the day - carrying my stuff and all. I quickly dig out my costume and messliy put on my makeup. No problems with my contacts this time. Phew.

Candid shot taken by my brother. My lipstick damn messy here cause I was eating.
We took direct bus to Suntec this time and in a rush, I later realized I forgot alot of things. The bow for my obi, my black gloves and the hair ornaments. Furthermore, my bun kept falling down. Normally, my mum would help me do it but it was last minute and my brother was not very helpful in such situations. Decided to use a transparent clip to hold it together like a small ponytail instead since it kept dropping. Luckily from the photo angles you can't really notice these flaws with the exception of the gloves. But I think I still look good in photos so it wasn't too bad. Anyway, once there, we were slightly hungry as we hadn't had breakfast. I succumbed to temptation and bought tuna and salmon roll. It was really yummy. But I wish I had money for tako though.

We went to withdraw money because we couldn't resist the stuff there. But when we went to the ATM, both our cards were almost wiped out. Mine was only left with less than $10 and my bro only had $0.34 left. We really didn't think we had spent that much the day before.

Salmon and Tuna roll.
I actually had stage tickets but my brother only had exhibition tickets and I didn't feel like leaving my brother alone since he came specially for me. So I had to forgo meeting KANAME, catching TMR X Nana Mizuki, watching the preview of Noragami and seeing the Cosplay competition. Yes, I sacrificed all that for my brother. I'm so nice. haha.

First thing we did for the day was to head to the Mini-stage for celebrity cosplayer, Reika's meet-and-greet session. Omg, she is so cool. She's really good at cross dressing. Sometimes even more handsome then real guys. No joke. I guess Japanese cosplayers are really on a different level huh.

Then, we just walked around aimlessly and was able to catch some stars like cosplayer Alodia, celebrity cosplayer Reika, visual kei band Vivi, idol Valerie and much more.

Alodia at the Hello Japan booth.

Monika was able to get half day off work and came straight after to visit. But she mainly came for our school cosplay club though. Yeah, she's in the cosplay club. Why I'm not in it? Let's just say, I'm a very busy person... Well, she then introduced me to the members and even the president of the club and all. They're really friendly people and I was told that Liz was working at one the booths. Liz is basically a friend of Monika from the cosplay club. We had lunch together and she was really fun and outgoing even though it was a little awkward at first.

Photographer: 2_oro
Not long after, Indah finally arrived and took over my brother's position. My brother went home to rest and Indah said, " So I'm here to be your babu for a day isit?" - Fyi, babu means servant in malay. I nodded and told her shamelessly, " Yeah, pretty much." Thats how the rest of the day went. She would carry my stuff while I'm having my photos taken. I was quite exhausted already and even sat on the corridor to rest but of course, there was bound to be people who would walked up to me and kindly ask for a photo. And no, I wouldn't decline because of my cosplayer pride.

The Monster Curry mascot. Its a dinosaur if you're wondering.

We wanted to go to the cafe afterwards but alot of stuff on the menu was sold out, only leaving the expensive stuff. So we decided that it was not worth it and that it was good enough that we can see the butlers from the outside. We also saw popular bloggers, Xiaoxue, Bong QiuQiu and Sophie Willcoq. They apparently came to visit Yutaki and Miyake who were working at the cafe again this year.

Before we left, we were somehow able to see ViV perform . We immediately went to see the Mini-stage when were heard fan screams and they were actually performing live even though not all the members were there. Omg so lucky to see the music showcase. They were so awesome! And the Japanese translator guy was seriously good looking in a yukata. hehe. Anyway see a video of the performance below. The video shows their performance on Fri but we watched the Sunday 5pm as mentioned by the host in the video. They performed the same song. At one point, they threw 4 roses to the crowd and the 4 ppl who grab them would be able to take a photo with them at the Canon photobooth. Yeah you can probably imagine the chaos of that.

Overall, it was an awesome anime festival despite me being unable to see some of my favourite stars and try out the food and go for the cafe and not being able to see anime screenings.... okay so maybe it wasn't that great afterall compared to previous years. And I felt the merchandise was a bit lacking. But still, I can say that it was a memorable experience.


  1. I really like your Gintama cosplay. It has the essence of Japanese traditional culture. And where did you get the beautiful umbrella?

    1. Thanks! It's one of my favourite cosplays too. My costume and the umbrella are all bought online. I got the umbrella from ebay I think. haha.


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