Sunday, 20 October 2013

DIY Trafalgar Law Female Cosplay Shorts

There is no official female version of Trafalgar Law. So my costume was mainly bases off fan drawings and my own creativity. Instead of the usual jeans Law wears, I decided to switch it with shorts. I think a denim skirt works as well but I felt that the denim shorts looked more badass to me. Of course, I has to draw his trademark spots on the denim shorts. And this was how I did it.

Stuff you need:
-A pair of light blue denim shorts
(I bought mine for S$12 from gmarket)
-A bottle of black fabric paint
(You can find this at any homefix diy stores)
-Black fabric markers
(Sharpies Stained Markers work too)
-Paint brushes

1. Firstly draw up a rough design of the shorts and incorporate the spots with references to the pictures online on a piece of paper. (In the end, I didn't really follow the picture references and just wing it to my liking. But it's better to have something to refer to.)

2. Once you're pretty confident about the design, use a chalk marker or a pencil and start sketching on the shorts. (I used a chalk marker as it's easier to see as compared to using a pencil. However, if u make a mistake it might be harder to erase. ) Don't worry if you mess up as you can always cover it up later. ( I made some mistakes too.) Oh and don't forget the do the back as well.

3. Then, use a brush to paint the spots. A thin brush would be good for tracing the lines. You might want to consider doing 2 layers if you find it patchy. (I just did 1 layer cause I was afraid of running out of paint.)

4. As you can see mine is pretty messy and patchy after hastily painting just 1 coat.  So after leaving it to dry, I outlined the spots using fabric marker and touched up with paint when necessary. The difference is really noticeable.  Go over till you're satisfied and that's it!

The Trafalgar Law shorts are now ready for cosplay. With that, I'm all set for anime fest which is in 2 weeks time! Thinking of gg on both 9 and 10 Nov but I heard that the exhibition will also be open on 8 Nov as well.  Not sure if I should go all 3 days.  But I'm definitely cosplayong as Traflagar Law on 9 Nov. Might consider doing Gintama's Kagura cosplay if I'm going on 10 Nov as well. 

Sigh, the tickets sure has gone up since it was first organised.  I miss how tickets used to be only S$5. Now its S$10, which is double and it doesn't include stage access. Goes to show how much anime and j-culture has grown in Singapore over the years. It kinda makes me happy knowing that its getting popular.
Anyway, I know there's not much help on female cosplay for Trafalgar Law so I hope this helps. I'm also done with my DIY Zebra Shoes. Shall post the pictures soon.
Till then, ja-ne!


  1. is it permanent?what if you are gonna wash it?

    1. I'm using fabric paint which I feel is semi permanent. I have washed it a couple of times and I find the need to touch up pattern a little. Of course, if you use regular poster or acrylic paint, it will definitely be gone after a wash. So fabric paint is still a good choice in my opinion. :)


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