Friday, 13 September 2013

Simply Friday

Its Friday. The end of the school week. Even though it's only been two weeks since school started, I'm starting to feel the strain. Sigh. Feel like going for a nice massage soon. And I really need to visit the hair salon soon. My hair is really messy these days and lately, I'm really annoyed by long fringe. That aside, today, was a really simple and nice day. The weather wasn't too hot or too cold. The lessons weren't all that boring today but I think everyone was pretty angsty during Java practical lesson. 3 hours of Java wasn't as bad as 3 hours of Processing though. And towards the end, I was quite engrossed in the house drawing assignment. I was really keen on building my mansion. haha.

Anyway, I didn't have any plans cause well, I didn't want any. I even declined lunch with my buddy, Arun and dinner with my friends, Istar and Karyn. First off, I wanted to laze around. Secondly, I really need to save money and I'm quite short on money. I think I've overspend this month. I bought some of my cosplay items, a new pair of contacts, some clothes online and ate out at expensive restaurants alot recently. Furthemore, Karyn and I are booking our end-of-year flight to Japan soon. I've already planned out my expenses there and it's definitely going to cost me more than $1K. I plan to splurge on boots, cosplay/anime items and snacks. Plus, activities and travel there ain't cheap. However, I am so glad that my bestie, Monika, is letting us stay at her place in Japan. Thank god, she's Japanese. Haha.

Despite all these money issues, I'm super duper excited for the trip and I'll probably think about it every night before I sleep. I even resorted to selling some of my stuff for extra cash. Daddy even let me sell the brand new Samsung laser printer toner for money. Yay!

My contacts have arrived.

Oh and I just received my contacts from Solution-Lens today. Shall review them over the weekend.

Patiently waiting to create my own adventures in Japan, till then, stay tuned. :)

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