Tuesday, 3 September 2013

School's back!

Hello world. I'm finally back from SRC camp and official started school today. First day of school wasn't bad at all. My maths lecturer was really entertaining and funny. He teaches really well that I could grasp the concept of his teachings pretty well. He changes topics easily though, like this one point where he suddenly opened the door and said," Oh there's another door outside! Usually there's a glass door panels and some actually bang into them. You people are lucky!". haha. I know it's super random. When it was almost time for break, he suddenly started packing his things hurriedly and announced to the whole class," Do you know what's the most important thing in university? Coffee breaks!". With that last statement, he grabbed his bag and actually ran to the door. It was quite an epic scene and everyone practically burst out laughing. Other than that interesting lecture and awesome cheap lunch at pizza hut, the rest of the day was a little dull. I was pretty shag from camp and even took a nap during our long break. Practical lesson was kinda so-so. Let's just say my brain died after 2 out of 3 hours of processing computer codes. In other news, I got into the department I wanted in SRC; PUBLICATIONS. Yay! Can't wait for our first meet-up. :)


 Cheers to a not-so-blue Monday.

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