Saturday, 21 September 2013

Quality time with them girls.

It's been awhile since I last spent quality time with my besties, Indah and XT. So when XT called me, inviting me to play squash and gym, I agreed. On Friday, I had met up with the girls for squash and gym after my appointment at the salon. On a side note, I'm actually thinking of rebonding my hair. My hairdresser temporarily rebonded my hair to help me judge if I should do it or not. Some felt that it was nice change and some commented that they preferred my wavy hair. So I'm really having mixed feelings about it. Well, this was how it turned out. Pardon my pale bare face. I didn't get any beauty rest the night before.

Temp Rebond
Anyway, XT had made us sandwiches for lunch which included my favourite egg mayo. Her tuna mayo and ham & cheese were delicious as well. Had fun catching up and reminiscing about the old days while gyming. We decided to go the Singapore Zoo and River Safari on Sun since her mum had tickets. Apparently, it was her company's family day and she had like 13 tickets. In the midst of all the reminiscing, we suddenly we missed Ishraq and decided to invite him to come along on our Zoo trip. Luckily, he was free.

So now I'm all excited for the Zoo since I haven't been there since I was in primary school. That's like 7 years ago! Time sure flies huh. I wonder if my favourite tigers are still there...

Till then, sayonara.

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