Sunday, 15 September 2013

One Ok Rock

Okay, I know I said I would do a review on my newly arrived contact lens. But, unfortunately, I was busy doing Java yesterday and kinda forgot about it. I was so engrossed in my work that I ended up staying up past midnight to complete it. Anyway, I promise to definitely do it soon, probably next weekend. So look out for that.

Well, what I really want to touch upon right now, is this super awesome band. ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese rock band I had only recently discovered while watching Animax Musix a month or so back. Apparently, they are really popular in not only Japan but also in Asia, Europe and the US. They even collaborated with bands like Simple Plan and recently met up with Fall Out Boy which are my favourite bands as well. I fell in love with this band after listening to their song, Deeper Deeper. Taka, their main vocalist, has a really unique vocal tone which got me hooked after that one song. It somewhat reminded me of how I came to love SPYAIR, another great JRock band; because I was captivated by Ike's voice. Anyway, after that one song, I did my research and listened to song after song after song. Yes, I am officially a fan now. Do take a chance and give their songs a listen.

Deeper Deeper:

Hit songs:

Check out their other hit songs!
-The Beginning
-Clock Strikes

Summer Paradise - Simple Plan ft ONE OK ROCK's Taka:

Fall Out Boy meets ONE OK ROCK:

If you're a fan like I am, then you'll be happy to know that ONE OK ROCK is going on tour! Yup, they'll be travelling to Europe & Asia for a live performance.
See the details below.

I'm quite excited since they're coming to Singapore again. My last concert was the SCANDAL concert a few months back. And it was one of the best moments of my life. Hopefully, I'll have some extra cash saved up soon to buy the tickets. Sales of ONE OK ROCK concert tickets have already started and there's an early bird promotion going on.
You can purchase your tickets from SISTIC. Click HERE!

For more details on the band, visit their official English site:


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