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Dueba Barbie Tony Silver Gray Circle Lenses from

Okay, I finally did this review of my grey contacts after so long. So to start off, my contacts were ordered for my cosplay  at the upcoming Anime Festival Asia 2013. This time I'll be cosplaying a female version of Trafalgar Law from one of the big five mangas, One Piece. Law has grey eyes and black hair in the anime but hazel yellow eyes and dark blue hair in the manga. I decided to go with the anime version and portray him before the 2-year arc. His character has alot of teeny tiny details that I had to pay close attention too, like his piercings and tattoo designs. Law is definitely one my favourite characters from the Worst Generation since he's just so badass. haha. Since there is no official female version of him, I had to be creative with my cosplay. Instead of short hair, I decided to go with long straight jet black hair and opted to wear shorts instead of the long jeans. My cosplay accesory this time round would be my Bepo (the bear in his crew) plushie since I wasn't able to afford a Nodachi. Hopefully, I can buy one at the festival and use it for my cosplay. My brother will also be cosplaying alongside me as one of Law's crew member, Shachi.

Used this lenses for Halloween too. I went as a goth girl.
Trafalgar Law

Heart Pirates Main Crew Members

Penguin & Shachi. My bro is cosplaying Shachi.

Anyway, this grey lenses were recommended by a few fellow cosplayers. So I decided to try it out.

Dueba Barbie Tony Silver Gray Circle Lenses

  • Diameter 14.5 mm
  • Water content 38-42%
  • Base curve 8.6
  • 1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
  • FDA and EU approved contact lenses
  • Plano lenses w/o correction (0,0)
As usual, the delivery was fast like around a week and this was what I got.

As usual,  I love me my free stuff. The contacts were very transparent looking with no black rings. And these were how they turned out on my dark eyes.

Room Lighting

I was quite worried about the colour as I've been told that it's not easy to find a pair of grey contacts that really show and many tend to show up black instead.  But these definitely did not disappoint. I loved the colour and how it looks so natural on my eyes. The colour was not too bright and not too dark, just to my liking. Furthermore, its obvious in every kind of lighting be it bathroom lighting or flash. However, I was told that it looked baby blue in colour from a certain angle. My friends also commented that I had that exotic look with these babies on which made me love the colour even more!
Bathroom Lighting

Again, I usually need a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the feel of the contacts. Its really comfortable after that though. I felt that these were probably one of the most comfy lenses compared to my other ones. Of course don't forget to wear them out after at least 8 hours of soaking in solution. I usually leave it for a day to be on the safe side. Since, my eyes didn't feel dry or irritated or uncomfortable in any way, these contacts definitely passed the test.

Left: w/o lenses, Right: with lenses

As I've said before, my eyes aren't small so the enlargement isn't obvious so I can't say much here. Unlike my previous lenses, these do not have the black ring. However, as seen in the photo, my original dark eyes gives the impression of  a ring surrounding the lenses. This somewhat enhances the pupils giving the slightly of doll-like eyes, good for cosplaying. It really has that sparkle which I find brightens up my eyes. Then again, not having the black ring may not help in achieving the big-eyed look.

Personally, these lenses are lovely for everyday wear. But for cosplaying, I feel that there are more striking lenses out there. I'm still gonna use them for my Trafalgar Law cosplay and see how it goes. Don't get me wrong, I love the colour but without the black ring I felt that it wasn't dramatic enough for cosplay. Other than that, these lenses are super awesome for wearing out often which is exactly what I'm gonna do.

You can search for more suitable grey lenses for cosplay at Solution-Lens. So do check out their catalogues. However, do take note that the lenses are mainly plano lenses without correction (0,0). Solution-lens also has an ongoing promotion whereby you can get free lenses with every 2 or more pairs you buy. Don't forget to join their permanent giveaway as well!  

Giveaway at Image Map

Oh and once again, special thanks to the admin of Solution-Lens for the contact lenses! I'm now currenlty looking for a new pair of hazel brown contacts. Besides that, I'm super duper excited for my cosplay at the upcoming Anime Fest Asia 2013. This year, it will be held on 8,9,10 November at Suntec City. For more details on the event, visit their official site!


Till then, bye.

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