Thursday, 5 September 2013

The B in BB Creams

BB creams are blemish base that hydrates, conceals and protects the skin from harsh UV rays. In short, it's pretty much a foundation, sunblock and moisturizer; all in one. Personally, I use BB Cream White to achieve a nice glow and healthy looking skin tone. Being an outdoor person, I have really uneven skin tone and my face tends to look really dull. Its also a plus point for me if the BB cream has a high SPF to prevent skin damage. So, this is really less time consuming for me, as I no longer have to use 3 separate products. Anyway, over the years, based on magazine readings and recommendations from others, I had tried quite a few brands and thought of reviewing some products.


Probably the cheapest BB cream I ever bought which is less than $15. It has a SPF of 50PA+++ protection which is what I like most. Skin hydration wise was mediocre and the concealing of blemishes were average as I find that the cream didn't really blend well. All and all, it's a decent BB cream but it just didn't suit me as my skin wasn't totally fair. It would probably suit those with more fair, pale-looking helping to really brighten up the face. And it'll be the perfect alternative to foundation for those special occasions.

2. Za

I don't want to seem biased or anything, but this is currently my personal favourite. It has a really affordable price of $16-17. It moisturizes the skin and somewhat conceals my dark spots. This BB cream also helped me achieve that natural glow I was hoping for. On the downside, the UV ray protection is lower than most products out there with a SPF of only 43PA+++. This is more natural-looking, great for everyday wear to school or work. 


With a slightly higher price of around $18, I found that this was quite worth the money. This was the brand that I often used after my friends' recommendations and only recently switched to Za. It's a super good concealer and blends really well. It also brightens the skin instantly, giving more radiance. The high SPF of 50PA+++ is also a plus point and is good for up to a 12 hour wear. However, my face seemed to appear oily after awhile and I felt my skin wasn't that moisturized. This is quite the favourite among my friends and was a favourite of mine. If you're looking for the appearance of a more smooth and even skin, this is definitely for you.

As you can see, each product has both its good and bad points as well. It really depends on what you want to achieve most with the use of BB cream, be it correction of uneven skintone, hydration or UV protection. So, ultimately, you decide what's the best one for you. 
Hope this helps! :)

Note: Photos are taken off Google and do not belong to me.

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