Friday, 2 August 2013

The Perfect Bag for School

I was doing some spring cleaning and realise that I have alot of old bags. But I barely used them for school. Normally, I would wear the standard sports backpack to school due to the heavy books I carry all the time. Furthermore, I wasn't really bothered with what bag I used for school cause we wore uniforms in junior college anyway so we don't really have to worry if the bag suits our outfit or not; since, well, we wear the same thing all the time. But university life is really different. I don't think I can wear the same bag everyday in school from my freshmen year til my graduation. Since we will be wearing different outfits each day, I decided to find out what kind of bags are appropriate for school and sorts.

1. The Canvas Tote Bag.

Right now, the canvas tote bag is quite popular in the market. Its simple, unique designs really stands out on the plain background. If you're really creative and artistic, there are many DIYs out there on how you can design your own bag, showing off your individualistic style. Personally, I feel this is a really traditional bag for school. However, I suggest using this when you're wearing something very casual like simple and jeans. It's also not advisable to carry too much things with this bag as there is no support so the weight is directly on your shoulder.

Canvas tote bag

2. The Satchel Bag.

If you're trying to go for something more sophisticated, then the satchel bag is for you. It's sleek and retro look is perfect for chic outfits like dresses and skirts.There are many designs and colours now available in the market. It's usually made out of sturdy material like leather so its really durable. Even though it's a bit compact, there are alot of compartments to stash your stuff too.


 3. The Knapsacks.

These are one of the most chic and appropriate bags for school. With a wide variety of  patterns and colours to choose from, you'll definitely be left spoilt for choice. Knapsacks and backpacks are great for storing heavy school supplies and provide good support for your back. Backpacks are suitable for sporty, on-the-go looks while knapsacks go well with denim and street wear.

Knapsacks/ Backpacks.

4. The Over-sized Tote.

This is basically a different type of tote bag. If you feel that a regular canvas tote is not for you, then try the over-sized tote. This type generally has more of feminine edge and is more glamorous looking. The material is also more sturdy like the satchel and can hold more things. These are awesome paired up with a cute top and jeans. It will really spice up your look.

The oversied tote bag.

5. The Heavy-Duty Bag

Similar shaped to the satchel, these type of bags are very old-school yet modern.It is also often seen as a more bulky version of the satchel. It has more space to store your school supplies and is a great alternative to the over-sized tote if you're not too fond of big bags.The simplistic design really compliments sneakers and boots, giving that spunky edge every girl needs every now and then.

The heavy-duty bag.

All in all, there are many different types of bags you can choose to suit your style. But if you don't have that many bags or don't wish to splurge on one, don't worry cause one or two is more than enough. All you need are some old accessories which I'm sure you can find lying around somewhere. A pretty little scarf, bow, key-chain and badges can do wonders for that old bag of yours. (Refer to the pictures below)

A simple scarf adds a little class.
A cute accessory shows some shine.

A few badges makes your bag one of a kind.

And that's that! School's starting already so start packing your bags. Hope this helps you pick out the right bag for you. I got some of these ideas from teenvogue which has really great fashion tips. Do give their site a visit!


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