Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Phantom of the Opera

One of closest friends, Jiahui, had 4 free tickets to the ever so popular play, The Phantom of the Opera. And I was so honoured to be chosen to go watch with her. Apparently, her uncle, a businessman, had bought the tickets but he was stuck in Hongkong due to some business deal and was unable to attend the show. So he gave the tickets to his favourite niece. Yay! Lucky us.

The other two lucky people was my bestie, Nadiah and Jiahui's bestie, Cynthia, who was also my netball junior. So the four of us actually planned to meet earlier, like at 12. But since when are we ever on time. I also had a late night yesterday, it being only day 3 of hari raya. Plus, I still hadn't decided what to wear and all that. I even had to ask Nadiah to help me pick out a dress. Anyway, I then met up with Jiahui at Clementi and we headed down together. Nadiah actually reached quite early and went exploring the place. She even had time to meet us at Promenade. Once, we finally reached Marina Bay Sands, we decided to look for a place to satisfy our hungry tummies. But before that, we came across TWG and just had to buy macaroons. One of the staff thought I was celebrity and the lady at the counter asked Jiahui if I was a celebrity. Omg, I was so embarrassed. After that, we decided to eat at CoffeeBean as we wait for Cynthia who woke up late.

It was not long till our tummies were full and we made our way to the theatres. Anyway, we were almost late. Okay more like very late cause one of the staff told us to hurry and that it was 2 minutes before showtime. But before that, macaroons were apparently not allowed in theatres so we had to give it to the staff for safekeeping. Later on, we were directed to a backdoor since the main door was already closed. It wasn't long till we found our seats and the show started.

I won't spoil it for you. However, I must say that it was really not like I expected. I heard it was good but I didn't think it'd be that good! There was drama, romance, comedy, action and lots of neat effects. It was really spectacular. I was felt like I was really sucked into the show. I was so absorbed with the act and the songs were really catchy and soulful. If you haven't seen it, please do watch it. You definitely won't be left with regrets!
Us girls.

After the whole show, we wanted to take pictures at the giant poster but were sort of chased out. We're not allowed to stand around and chat either. So we ended siting just outside Marina Bay Sands, enjoying the view and taking photos with Nadiah's polaroid. Overall, it was a fantastic day spent with fabulous people.
Later at night, I still had to changed out of my dress and rushed to my cousin's hari raya house. Sigh.
Well, that's it for me. Special thanks again to Jiahui! :)

Waiting at the bustop in the cold night for my ride.

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