Monday, 26 August 2013

Hari Raya Open house is over!

Yay! Our open house is finally over and done with. Somehow I was able to complete my cookies and cake except for the sugar cookies which I wasn't able to make on time. After nights of staying up til 1am, I am so relieved right now. I was really happy with how the cheesecake turned out too. I made three batches too cause I wasn't pleased with how it looked despite the great taste. Special thanks to my brother's civil defense mates for being taste-testers; trying out all of my first batches of goodies and for being so nice to compliment its taste despite how ugly the first batches looked. I even made a cake for my friend's birthday and was really pleased the surprise birthday plan turned out well yesterday.

I'll probably post about it in detail soon. Maybe sometime this week. Right now, I'm occupied with writing a review for the free contact lenses I received, courtesy of Solution-Lens.
"Thank you so very much for the free lens!"
Anyway, the lens I'm reviewing will be the Vassen Blythe I.Fairy Ruby Green. Here's a preview of what they look like:

Vassen Blythe I.Fairy Ruby Green

Full review coming soon!

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