Thursday, 4 July 2013

Goodbye, Langkawi! - Day 3

Yeah, so here I am again.
Moving on to Day 3. Finally.

There was much happening then since our flight was like in the morning at 8am. So yeah, we had to get up early to return the car and check in our flight. Had breakfast at Marry Brown at the airport. It was my first time ever eating Marry Brown even though I go to Malaysia all the time. And I  have to say, the food ain't half bad at all. They had some pretty delicious stuff for breakfast. The egg and sausage set was yummy, and the mushroom soup was lovely. After a satisfying meal, I had to push my grandpa on the wheelchair to the immigration counter. All the non-malaysian citizens were actually supposed to get their fingerprints scanned at the counter. But somehow, I didn't have too. Maybe it was because I was with my grandpa who was Malaysian. I'm not too sure, but I didn't feel like bringing it up.

Moments later, we had to walk to our plane and board from the landing site. Okay, this was still cool for me. haha. When we arrived in Singapore, my sharp eye was able to notice a sign saying that there were shuttle buses. Coincidentally, it was the last day that the shuttle bus would operate. So we waited for the first bus to Jurong East to arrive. We had the whole bus to ourselves and the bus was your typical coach bus to Malaysia. So it was really comfy. Once we reached Jurong East, I parted ways with my family as they took a cab home from there while I took the train back. Luckily, I only carried along a backpack and the train was only 15 minutes away from home. I even had time to do a little shopping at Valerie after that and stopped by the bakery near my house.

At Langkawi Airport

All in all, Langkawi is a really awesome place. If you love the outdoors and carefree environment, you should definitely visit Langkawi. My only regrets is that I was not able to visit and try out all the different activities due to time constrains. So if you plan to visit, I would suggest staying for a longer period of time and do check if the Cable Car and Suspension Bridge is down for maintenance. I was unlucky at the time. Nevertheless, I still had a wonderful time and would to go back again.

On a side note, I just receive a new pair of contacts. Shall do a review on that soon.
And 3 days to Cosfest XII, so excited for my first cosplay. :D

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