Friday, 2 August 2013

Back to School? Seems too soon.

Recently, it seems that everyone is officially starting school and I'm the only one that is still enjoying whatever is left of my break. In about 2 weeks, my long 8-9 months holiday will come to an end and I will have to start hitting the books again. Sigh. So right now, I'm trying to post all that I can before school begins on the 2nd September for me. With all the back-to-school talk, I've been doing lots of thinking about what clothes to wear, which bags to use, what shoes to match and which hairstyle should I go with. This is the first time I'm not required to wear a uniform  to school which is why all these dilemmas starts popping out.

Anyway, currently, I'm in the midst of writing a page on back-to-school hairstyle ideas. I'm been doing quite some research on it and other DIY ideas which I will be sharing in future posts to come. So do check them out. To commemorate the new page, I decided to try out one of the hairstyles on the list- the pompadour pull back.

My go at the pompadour pull back.
What do you think? Its not too bad I guess. I'm a little conscious of my bare forehead though. haha.
Till then, do watch out for more ideas to come. :)

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